Monday, August 31, 2009

Seasons Change

The days are starting to get shorter, colder winds are slowly passing through the land, and it is clear: we are on yet another seasonal change. As summer is slowly moving away, the days of beach-fun, traveling and relaxing seem to move away with it. But right now the most beautiful things are happening. Nature is changing in front of our very eyes. It is happening so slow that we rarely stop to notice it. Mostly by the time it's transformed and bare and cold tree branches see the light of the day, we start to notice it. The transition we miss. And that is the main part of this text.

Look around you.

Right now it is happening. The golden rays of the late summer sun are illuminating trees, plains, rivers, towns and cities. It is right now when we can enjoy those days where it's not too hot and not too cold, when we start to appreciate a cold breeze, or relax in the lovely shade of a tree in the afternoon.

Be creative. Use this small window of opportunity and enjoy life, nature and the world around you. Notice it's beauty. Because, no matter where in this world you might reside, seasonal changes happen all the time. A glimmer of hope in the sky. Slowly moving clouds on a windy day. It is around us all.

Might it bring us joy and happiness.


  1. Mersad...I wanted to thank you for visiting and following my blog but most of all I wanted to tell you how much I love your black and white photography. Also your HD video is stunning!

    Very nice work.


  2. Thank you so much Dan. You are very fast! I just finished watching and reading through your blog :)

  3. I came across your blog via Dan Felstead's blog. I have enjoyed reading your posts and your photography...very nice.
    Sunny :)

  4. This is just how I feel too! I want to share your wonderful writing with others!

  5. Thank you very much Sunny. I am so glad you enjoyed my posts. Love your "Lucy" blog!!! I have a Maltese and as a proud dog owner i can appreciate all the work you but into it. Also the "Not Ready For The Pasture" Blog is funny and very creative.

    And Robin, you have my permission to post my text on your wonderful blog. I just saw your new additions and they are amazing as always. Please link to the blog if you post the text. Thank you for your words.

  6. Mersad, this is wonderful! Thank you for visiting me and for your encouragement :)

    Your words are SO true, from within ourselves and as to how we view the world...seasons should be welcomed, embraced and felt with the heart.

    Your words are felt with the heart :)

    Bless you today.

  7. Thank you Heather for your comment. It's greatly appreciated.

  8. I want to thank you again Heather for mentioning this text in your own blog:



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