Saturday, January 14, 2012

New Ventures

A new year is upon us and the annual new years resolutions fill up the space like nothing else. Spirits are high and no task seems complicated. It's always the same. A goal is in the distance, that we are trying to reach but we just seem to be so detached from it. But in most cases, what we want is already within us. There is a lot that we can reach if make up our minds. Some goals don't require many steps and many of them need just a little bit of courage.

Of course there are other ventures that really depend on many things. But even then it doesn't have to be about the destination. Many times the bumps in the road, the untethered territory and new steps are what make the venture interesting in the first place.
And in that sense I do hope that everyone's dreams and goals will get reached, but even if not I hope that the journey will be as interesting.

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