Wednesday, February 21, 2018

How to add a link in a blogger comment

This is one of those quick tips that may be useful for those who do love to visit other blogs and comment and leave a signature or a link back to a post or their blog. I personally like to sign my comments with my name and link to my blog. Since blogger can be a bit difficult to navigate to, it's easier to leave your blog link in the comment so others can visit you back. Of course this works for any other links you want to put in your blogger comment.

How to add a link in a blogger comment

It's actually a piece of HTML code, which you can simply copy/paste into your comment. Here it is:
<a href="--insert the url of your link--">--Enter the title for your link--</a>

For example:
<a href=" ">Mersad Donko Photography</a>
would turn out like this:

The code for a simply copy/paste is here:
<a href="url ">link title</a>

I hope that this will be of use to you for your future comments and visits to other blogs. As a signature I think it works so well and you can use it for many things. I keep the code with my signature ready in a notepad file on my desktop. I simply open it and copy/paste it where I need it without having to type it up every time.



  1. You can also use Tamper Monkey. It will give you BOLD and ITALIC as well. You have to pop the HTML into the main body of your blog. If you are interested then contact me

    1. That's good to know. This code can be used for a variety of other blogs as well if the blog owner has just the standard comment box.

  2. Hallo Mersad,
    danke, das war für mich sehr hilfsam, da ich es sonst nicht wusste/konnte.
    Liebe Grüße

    1. Freut mich das es dir geholfen hat!

  3. Replies
    1. thanks, i came back to check it.

  4. Replies
    1. Works like a charm. Not it will be easier to visit back.

  5. that's a great tip - i didn't know you could do this when commenting on a blog!!

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