Friday, November 20, 2009

Walking down the road

Blurry answers in the distance. Unknown territory. Yet we go through it, hoping it will come out right. Sometimes it does, yet other times it ends in the unspeakable. So many questions, so very little answers. A blindfolded walk through life. But that is the thing that makes it interesting. Not seeing, not knowing.... We love it and we hate it. All in one package.


  1. Sjajna fotografija!Ima nečeg čarobnog u hodu po putu prekrivenim opalim lišćem....Taj zvuk koji smiruje i uznemiruje u isti mah...

  2. Hvala Alexandra. I ja tako mislim.

  3. you are so right. we never know what tomorrow will bring. the fun of life!!

  4. Thank you Doreen. I didn't want the image to show distance, only the close-up of whats directly in front of me to reflect the meaning of the words.

  5. Great photo and I like your little narrative.

  6. Thank you De Lly Dilettante

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