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This past weekend was filled with a visit to our capital city Sarajevo for me. There I had the pleasure to go on a special playdate. My friend Berina rescued this little dog a couple of weeks ago and has been nurturing him back to life. His name is Bingo and he is a real bundle of joy. He was found near a dumpster with cuts all over his body. After the shocking discovery he underwent surgery and is fully healed now. He is temporarily living with Berina and her family until they find him a new home.

If I could translate the humidity and heat of Mostar in the last week then you would understand how much I needed these images in today's post. Yes, escaping to the wilderness seems like the only suitable thing to do now. These were taken last year during my hike to the spring of the river Sanica (the whole series can be seen here). The crystal clear water paired with the amazing reflections gave so much to see and really did cool us down.

This past weekend I made a 2 hour drive to Srebreno, a small town located on the far east side of the Croatian part of the Adriatic Sea. The main goal was to relax. swim and enjoy the day, which I did. Srebreno is just south east of Dubrovnik, and is actually located midway between Dubrovnik and the Dubrovnik Airport. It makes for a nice stop for swimming, since the town hasn't got much to offer besides it. It's a great alternative for swimming then the crowded (and almost non existing) beaches in Dubrovnik.

Hot summer days (summer solstice is officially on June 21st) are perfect for escaping to rivers and water in general. These shots were taken on the shores of the Neretva river, south of Mostar in the small village called Moruga. So on this longest day of the year, lets get extra creative with our posts and share a little bit more then usual. It's the start of a new season after all!

Summer is slowly creeping up on us here, with temperatures rising every day. It has also been very humid, which has given nature around town plenty of time to bloom. So going out to take photos has been very fruitful. Though I must admit that going up the mountains to our cottage is always fun. What's equally fun is trying to capture the familiar from new angles and corners.

Some wild some just plain beautiful, when flowers are in bloom photographers pay attention. And why not, it's such a easy subject to be engaged in. We have had some mixed weather days, which seems to be just perfect for them. Humid days are giving some much needed love and attention to the flowers and while I loathe that kind of weather, it's at least great for nature. Thank you again for joining us in a new edition of Through My Lens!

Ston is a small town located on the eastern tip of the of the Peljesac peninsula in Croatia. During our recent weekend trip to Neum, my friends and I decided to make a trip here, since it was close by. Ston is a tiny place, but well worth exploring. The main attraction (besides great food) is the huge stone wall that connects Ston to the nearby town called Mali Ston (Little Ston). You can walk on the wall all the way to the other city. Since we didn't have time for that we decided to explore the other sights of this old town on the Adriatic Sea.

Neum is the only coastal city of Bosnia and Herzegovina. I have visited it previously and shown it to you. This time we came back for lunch, with the intention of moving further east on the Adriatic Seacoast, to visit some new places. But more on that in the next post. It was a sunny day and we did come prepared with our bathing suits, but unfortunately the water is still too cold, so swimming was not an option. I have to say the blue of the sea was inviting though.

The St. Lawrence Fortress in Dubrovnik is often called Dubrovnik's Gibraltar, and it's located outside the western city walls. The fortress has a big court with mighty arches and, as its height is uneven, it has 3 terraces with powerful parapets with the broadest one looking south towards the sea. It lies outside the old town but you can take a look at it when you stand on the walls of the old town.

I'm drawn to nature a lot when it comes to photography. I don't know if that's because I'm a city boy, and spend so much time around concrete and buildings, or if I just like to photograph the stillness and tranquility of it. Whatever the case may be, I love escaping through visits and photos to the woods and forests surrounding me, but I even in far away travels I seem to be seeking them out. There is a certain connectivity with these places, something that is much needed between people these days.

Driving down the M-17 route through the canyon of the river Neretva is very scenic and I have shown it here on the blog two times before. Once a northern stretch of the road, the other time a bit more towards south. This part of the road I haven't shown before. It's a bit more central and goes towards the town of Jablanica. Not only is nature beautiful here, but you will also come across many restaurants that overlook the river.

It's interesting to observe how things change around us. Some changes creep up on us, others we anticipate, but no matter which ones happen to us, change is inevitable. Over longer periods of time, changes can be earth shattering. Exploring places where time has taken a toll on buildings and structures is both exciting and melancholic. This fortress of King Herceg-Stjepan is a perfect example of it. 

Thank you again for stopping by this Monday. I'm looking forward to all of your contributions and posts. As always thank you for visiting each other and leaving comments. I love discovering new bloggers and blogs with "Through My Lens".

There is much to do and see in the old town of Mostar these days. As the tourists are slowly swarming the city, there is lots of activity in the evening and also during the day. I took a stroll last night and made these images, which I had to share. The evening was very pleasant, not to cold, not too warm. I also lucked out that we made our walk in the deep blue hour after sunset, which gave a really nice backdrop to the images.

When choosing a lens for your dslr camera, things can get out of hand quickly. There is so much to choose from, and so much to do with different type of lenses, that it can be really daunting to make the right decision. Good lenses aren't cheep, so you'll want to invest in a lens that you will actually use. The main distinction are prime lenses and zoom lenses. Prime lenses have a fixed focal length, while zoom lenses do what the title promises, they zoom in and out out of various focal lengths. 

It's finally getting warmer and with the days being longer and sunnier, summer will be around the corner soon. But before that happens you can actually see some great sights from beaches and coastlines during spring as well. As the night is setting on a small island called Krapanj, I captured the silky smooth waves rolling into the shorelines as well as the sun setting on the Adriatic Sea. I welcome you back to another edition of Through My Lens. I hope to see many of your wonderful posts again!

This month marks the 10th year since i graduated from high school. While life goes on and many things have happened since then, it's nice to take a look back and mark the occasion. With a couple of friends of mine I organized a small get together for the 10 year anniversary. Around 30 people came and we also invited some of our teachers.

Me in my old classroom, my handwriting on the chalkboard reading: 113th generation of Gymnasium Mostar

It's all in the details sometimes. A familiar scene can offer up plenty of new sights, if you just look a bit closer. This was the case with these woodlands close to our mountain cottage. Roaming here at sundown can be a bit spooky, but in the wonderful glow of sunset and then dusk wonderful scenes can be found up close. It's another Monday and another edition of "Through My Lens". There were some real gems last time, and I'm looking forward to your new submissions. Thank you as always for participating!

Spring is bringing mixed weather which may not be ideal for travel, but it's certainly great for our garden. Everything is blooming, including various roses, that are peeking their vibrant red and pink heads from the green. Come close and you will not only be astonished by their beauty and colors, but you will also immediately be gripped by the smells of nature.

I love spots like this one. Deep in nature, yet very domesticated. This little bistro is located in the mountains near Donji Vakuf a small town in the central of Bosnia and Herzegovina. Animals roam freely and you can enjoy the food and nature here. With a new start into the week, we are back with a new edition of Through my Lens. I loved reading and watching last weeks submissions, so keep them coming. Thank you all for linking in. I'm looking forward to your photos and stories.

Zaton is a village in southern Croatia, located on the coast of the eponymous bay, northwest of Dubrovnik. The Zaton bay is a picturesque bay, located near the city of Dubrovnik and it's divided into Veliki and Mali Zaton (big and little Zaton). You can find beaches here, woods perfect for walking, restaurants and local shops.