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The Pacific Coast Highway was probably the most exhilarating and most beautiful part of our road trip to the USA back in October 2015. When you plan your trip down this iconic road that winds down the most gorgeous shorelines, it does become a bit daunting on what to see and what to do. It's not just one place, it's a lot of places dotted along a journey that takes 2-3 days. We did our research thoroughly and I think we managed to see most of the important places. So without further ado here are 10 Places You Must see along the Pacific Coast Highway.

Venturing outside the city has its charm and use. Especially for a photographer. The surrounding hills of Mostar have been a constant joy to photograph and give great views of the Mostar valley. At sunset they become even more appealing. Thank you all for linking in and joining us. I love visiting your posts and seeing images taken in your parts of the world. I also love the community that has gathered here over the, now 39 weeks this weekly meme has been active. So thank you for that as well!

Your camera’s Auto white balance setting is great for general subjects, but strong colors can fool it. It can also be difficult to match the white balance presets to the conditions you’re shooting in. In these situations, you can use a Preset Manual (Nikon) or Custom white balance (Canon) setting to get color spot on.

Spring is in full bloom here and while the days have been moody with the weather, you still get to see a lot of transformation in nature. Inside the city the trees are blooming (much to the dismay of my pollen allergic self), but outside of it you can get even prettier vistas. Like in these shots that were taken a bit south from Mostar in the hills of Bivolje Brdo, a small village
When you see a fiery sky you just have to stop and stare. For me it also means rushing into the house and getting the camera out. So I did, and these were the images that resulted in the quick shoot out. All of these were taken from our yard, looking up at the sky and surrounding mountains. Thank you all for stopping by this Monday, please link in your posts, I'm always looking forward reading them.

It has been very warm here in Mostar recently. You can definitely feel the weather changing. Midday is usually the warmest, and that was no exception yesterday, when I took these images. Some storm clouds could be seen rolling in, but they didn't really deliver much damage. Beni was outside playing, as he is usually these days.

As long as you have the right conditions, shooting an effective silhouette is relatively simple – and the results can be stunning. They are a great device when you start to get more creative with your photography.
Mostar sits snugly inside a valley, and in order to fully see the city you have to climb the surrounding hills and mountains. During such an outing I took these images. While taking a peak into the valley is interesting and can offer beautiful sights, turning around and looking over the hills can also be astonishing. Indeed there is so much to see around us, and sometimes we need to take a step back to see the full picture.

Even though its spring, we have had summer temperatures during the day in Mostar recently and with that some really enjoyable nights. While tourists have yet to swarm the place, there is definitely change in the air. I took these images (with my phone camera) in the old town of Mostar at night, while on a walk with friends. It was a bit later in the evening, so there weren't many people left in the streets, which gave some free space in the shots, which you usually can't get, because of the crowds that visit this place.

Sometimes we need a little push to leave the nest. When life gets all to cozy, it also tends to be harder to go out and explore. While my wanderlust is as strong as ever, I do like to remind myself of why I like to travel. It's really a combination of lots of things: from self discovery to discovering the world. Traveling soothes me, uplifts and no matter where I go is creating life-long memories. So in that sense I'm sharing some of my favorite travel quotes, collected from all over the place, and in no particular order. I hope you'll find some that are inspiring to you.

Blagaj is a small town only a 10 minute drive south from Mostar. There is a old part of the city located underneath the cliffs and lots of tourists start to swarm to this place already. Since the start of April we have had some really warm and sunny days, and more and more people come to visit Blagaj. You can spend a quiet afternoon here or evening, and enjoy lunch or dinner in one of the many restaurants alongside the river Buna, which also springs here. You can find more from Blagaj in our three-part photo series, click here.

Spring is slowly but surely arriving to most parts of the country and while it's nice to venture out to explore it, staying within the city can be equally thrilling. We have been enjoying some really nice and warm spring days. Mornings are still cool bit it does heat up during the day (which makes dressing for work a task). In this post I wanted to share some images of the Mostar City Park where spring can be best observed. Of course as time goes on, the blooms will start to intensify.

Road tripping can be lots of fun and can give you many opportunities to discover a place your visiting. Whenever I find the time I like to take them, whether they are short or long, each trip brings with it something unique. In order to get the full effect from road trips one should follow simple rules, even though the notion of rules within travel doesn't sound that much fun. During my years of travel I have become knowledgeable about certain aspects of it, so I thought, why not share the things I learned from going on road trips. I hope these will be useful to you as well.

If you have a new digital camera, or if you’re new to digital photography, all those abbreviations on the top dial of your camera might seem a bit confusing. Your top dial is where you will find your camera’s exposure modes. Contrary to popular belief, the exposure modes you shoot with aren’t a reflection of your technical ability.

Your exposure mode of choice is also about selecting a mode that gives you the freedom to stop worrying about other settings and start concentrating on taking great shots. Your digital camera will offer a number of automatic settings, including modes that help you to shoot action, close-ups and portraits, but these shooting modes can be restricting and should generally be ignored. Get to grips with your camera’s semi-auto and manual settings and you’ll soon see your shots improve.

Kravice are a well known tourist spot here in southern Herzegovina. These waterfalls are located a couple of miles west from Capljina. When you arrive at the destination there is a big parking lot where you can leave the car. From there the journey into the valley starts. Inside the valley, powerful water streams greet you, and you can see the waterfalls from various angels as you descend into the valley. The water is very fast and powerful here, which I hope shows in the images. For a in-detail look at our visit to Kravice Waterfalls, click here. I hope to see your posts as well, so don't forget to link in.

When spring rolls around I really like to explore nature. With work being hectic these days, I didn't have the chance to venture out a lot. Luckily, this past weekend (which was also the start of the spring season) I made a short trip to our mountain cottage, where I got the chance to photograph the changes in nature there. Of course spring is not in full bloom yet, but I was able to find some interesting sights.

Spring is officially here, and for once the calendar season is catching up the real time weather. This past weekend was very warm and all around nature (and my allergies) are waking up. Spring brings with it a chance for a fresh start a new beginning. No matter how many times I witness it with my camera, I can't stop being amazed at the beauty of nature as it transforms. So in that sense, come join us in a new Through my Lens and link up posts from your corners of the world.

So I had the luck of getting one of the first new Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge phone that came out recently. While you will find many reviews for the phone itself online, I wanted to share some of the camera features, and see how good the pictures are. The phone really does offer many perks when it comes to photography, and even goes into pro territory. Let's see how it fares with some example images.

In today's post I wanted to share some of my favorite portraits of Beni that I took throughout the years. These here are mostly a collection of images from the woods since he loves spending time in nature. I hope you will enjoy these, and that they'll be a uplifting and cheerful sight mid week. I'm away for work today, so the post is not that big, but I think Beni will make up more for that. I'm back Friday!

The days are still windy and it seems like spring is far away. Nature is not in bloom yet, even though some trees show blossoms. We had strong winds these last couple of days, and maybe the winter season that has eluded us so far is finally catching up. These shots were taken south from Mostar on the slopes of hills overlooking the Neretva river valley. You can see the regional route M-17 winding on the side of the hills.

I wish you a great start into the new work week and I hope you'll enjoy these rural images. Don't forget to share your posts below. Looking forward to seeing what you share with us.