Friday, October 24, 2014

On our way back from Hutovo Blato, we came upon another National Monument of Bosnia and Herzegovina, and it's this old monastery that I want to show you today.

Zitomislic Monastery is one of the most culturally Orthodox monasteries Herzegovina from 16th century. It is situated in a valley on the road from Mostar in southern Bosnia and Herzegovina to the Croatian border.

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The monastery was built in 1566.

It's very quiet here, which I like. It was a bit windy that day, and the sounds that came from the surrounding trees were very soothing.

A last shot from underneath the trees, and we make our way back home.

What is the oldest object in your vicinity or region?

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Wednesday, October 22, 2014

The wetlands of Hutovo Blato stretch over an area of about 7,411 ha and represent one of the richest wetland reserves in Europe.

Until 1995, when the cantonal protected area was founded, Hutovo Blato represented well-known area mainly for its hunting and fishing tourism. Every winter over 200 species of birds find their shelter inside this untouched nature.

This is a two part photo series, for more check out the links below:

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When you drive to Hutovo Blato, these are the sights that greet you on your way. You can stop your car freely on the side of the road and take a stroll.

There are only a few places in the world that harbor such a large number of species in such a small region. 

The part of the park which kept its original form and almost untouched nature is the Deransko lake which is supplied by the karstic water sources of the Trebisnjica river.

The trees offer lots of shade from the midday sun.

You can rent bicycles here for tours. These here were freshly returned, and had not been cleaned yet.

After a long walk we make it to the restaurant, part of which is on the outside.

Choosing is always the hardest thing :)

We finally decided on grilled Trout, which was really delicious.

As we drive away, we take one final look at the wetlands.

I hope you enjoyed our visit to the Nature Reserve 'Hutovo Blato'.

In the next Blog Post I will take you to a unique and isolated historical structure that we saw on our way back to Mostar. But more on that in the next post!

Monday, October 20, 2014

Hutovo Blato is a nature and bird reserve located in southern Bosnia and Herzegovina that me and my friend Selma visited this past weekend. We had a great time, and in this two-parter I want to show you the sights.

The reserve is on the list of BirdLife International's Important Bird Areas. It is the largest reserve of its kind in the region, in terms of both size and diversity. It is home to over 240 types of migratory birds and dozens that make their permanent home in the sub-Mediterranean wetlands surrounding Deransko Lake.

This is a two part photo series, for more check out the links below:
Part One: Inside the Nature Reserve
Part Two: The Outer Wetlands

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This reserve is located 57 km (35 miles) driving distance south from Mostar.

A sign with "Nature's Prayer" written on it, telling you that we are all part of nature, and that we should respect it.

Upon arriving you will find a small Motel, where you can spend the night. We also had lunch here.

Other visitors are parked on the lot, and spread out through the reserve.

We make our way into the forest.

I really like the light in these woods.

Our path through the forest begins. There is no paved road here, just a small walking path.

Unfortunately I wasn't able to photography any birds on that day, but there are many people who come here to observe them.

Feeding stations can be found along the path.

The whole zone is well protected from human impact and functions as an important habitat for many plants and animals.

When you come to the wetlands, you can take boat rides on them, but our journey took us somewhere else...

End of Part One
To be continued

In part two we will explore the outer wetlands, see more of the inside of the forests surrounding Hutovo Blato, and have lunch!

Thank you for visiting. I hope you enjoyed the sights and stories.

Sunday, October 19, 2014

If there is one thing I haven't done in a while, then it's resting. It seems like one short trip is following the other, and with work closing in tightly over the week, these small getaways have become a real treat and pressure reliever.

One of those trips my friend Selma and I undertook yesterday was a field trip to Hutovo Blato. It is a nature and bird reserve located in southern Bosnia and Herzegovina. It is primarily composed of marshlands that were created by the underground aquifer system of the Krupa River.

click on the image for a bigger view 
Since 1995, Hutovo Blato has been protected as 'Hutovo Blato Nature Park'.

I am posting this single image as a preview (I am still editing the rest), and the two-part trip starts on Monday.
So please come back tomorrow for part one.

Friday, October 17, 2014

It's a just a little while longer until Halloween arrives, but why not get in the mood, with today's images. The family on my mothers side has a small graveyard near the town of Jablanica, which we recently visited.

Of course, there are new gravestones here, but photography wise I was more interested in the older gravestones, some of which date back to 1882 and even older!

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 Let's take a stroll through the moody sights.

Do you like photos of graveyards?
Do they creep you out or are you interested in seeing them?

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Today is Beni's 6th birthday, and I wanted to share some images of his life with us, so far. He's always there with us, and a constant source of joy. It's interesting how it takes an animal to show us unconditional love. Over the years, the notion that dogs are better then humans, has reared its head more then once. So, for all it's worth, here are some images to bring you joy today.

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The first day in our home, and he already tries to show us who's the boss.

First time playing in the snow.

The first bath.

Cozy days in the house are a regular part of everyday life.

Playing in wet, freshly cut grass, did the following to him:

Always wondering around.

 Of course there are hundreds and hundreds of images of Beni, but I wanted to show some of my favorite over the years that show a little bit about his life so far.

Thanks for visiting!

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