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I have shown my dog Beni lots of times on this blog before, but in this post I wanted to touch upon his many moods, that are sometimes overlooked in the images I post. Enjoy these and I wish you a great weekend!

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1. Cute Beni

A typical stage when he wants something. Is there food on the table? Are you preparing to open the cabinet with his treats? He will be there, behind you, looking up...try to resist if you can.

I have always said that watching moody landscapes is very therapeutic. For me, seeing these tumultuous times in nature, in a weird way evokes calm. Maybe it's because you see that there are bigger things then you out there or simply the fact that those sights tend to be very interesting to look at, if not downright beautiful.

I never shy away from going out to shoot during stormy or bad weather. Most of my landscapes have an element of melancholy to them anyway, which is certainly underlined by the heavy clouds in the sky, winds rolling in or isolated places I get to photograph.

So anyway, here are 15 Moody Landscapes from Bosnia and Herzegovina, which I hope you will enjoy. For better reference I added numbers and titles to the images.

We conclude our stay at the Krka National Park with these images of the Waterfalls themselves. You'll see some of our journey on the marked (and unmarked) path, and also our final destination. The waterfalls are filled with people, and since it's fresh river water it's also colder then sea water. So a lot of them were enjoying the cold refreshment that it brought with it. 

This is a two part series, for more click the links below:

In this first part of the Krka National Park images you'll see our travel to the actual highlight of the trip: the waterfall(s) called Skradin Buk. The journey to it, leads you through awesome nature on walking paths. Of course the best parts are when you step away from the marked path, and that's where most of these images were taken actually. In the upcoming part you'll see the surprise that awaits you at the end of the trip to the waterfalls.

This is a two part series, for more click the links below:
Part One: Travel through Nature
Part Two: Visiting the Waterfalls

These images were taken during late summer last year, but I never got around to post them. They show our visit to the old town of Blagaj, that is located just a couple of miles south from Mostar. We spent a whole afternoon there, and really enjoyed the sights. We chose a time of day, when the place is not crowded. In fact, there were almost no people there at all when we visited, which made the stay even more enjoyable. I hope you will enjoy these warm and colorful images from our visit.

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There is something so uplifting and cheerful about colorful food. Somehow it nourishes the soul and body just by looking at it. This Colorful Chicken Salad Recipe is easy to prepare, and depending on your dressing a very healthy and sustainable lunch. But above all, it's delicious. I made this salad, this past weekend. 

What I like about it is that you can add any vegetables you have on hand, and mix and match to your liking. That's what it's all about in a salad. The chicken stays juicy and has a great brown crust that is made by a dark soy sauce marinade in which the chicken stays in. If you are on the lookout for a delicious chicken salad, then look no further, this is it. You can eat it as a side dish, put it in sandwiches or (as I have at the end) simply eat it out of the bowl.

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I love lazy weekends, but then again who doesn't. On the other side, it's the time in the week when you have to get chores done, things cleaned and simply prepare for the new work week that's ahead. Winter is still in full swing here. Days are cold and our garden has been beaten down by the constant low temperatures and ice. In that regard I can't wait for spring to show it's head, so that my dad and I can start planting again. Since I haven't done a home and garden update in a while, I thought to share some random images from our home today. I hope you will enjoy these.

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There are many cities and towns dotted along the Adriatic Coast of Croatia, and one of the most memorable for me is Trogir. This town has 2300 years of continuous urban tradition. Its culture was created under the influence of the ancient Greeks, and then the Romans, and Venetians. But regardless of its impressive history, this town will charm you immediately upon arrival. It's not big and pompous, but its modest appearance utterly benigns its lasting charm.

In this post I want to share some impressions from the old town core and harbor of Trogir.

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Winter can be harsh on the photographer. It's usually the bad and cold weather that makes us loose the will to go out and shoot. But there is actually lots to see during the winter months. Here are some photo subjects and themes that you can shoot all year round, no matter the weather, and scenes that you can shoot only because of it. I hope these ideas will be inspiring for some.

Winter in the south of my country is not very harsh. Even though, we had been plagued by some rain recently, when the sun comes out of the clouds, winter is very enjoyable. When the landscapes are bare, and days cold, a sunset can bring the illusion of warmth through the lens. These shots were taken in the village Bivolje Brdo, just a couple of miles south from Mostar.

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Sunsets from this spot have always been amazing to shoot. You get a great view west, where it sets, and depending on the amount of clouds you get sunrays shining through, and many many orange and yellow colors in the sky.