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The fields above Mostar have been a constant and welcome joy to photograph. Yes, these shots were taken during warmer days last year, but I didn't get a chance to post them until now. They show the sunset landscapes in the foothills of mountain Velez. All of them are overlooking the city of Mostar, which is closely nested in the valley beneath. I hope you'll enjoy these landscape shots and I hope that warmer and sunnier days will return soon, so that I can go out and take some new photos.

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Despite the modern ease of digital post-production, the practice of using lens filters is very much alive. From managing difficult light conditions to creating certain moods - there's nothing like capturing the perfect shot, right there in the moment.

It seems as if destruction is in our nature, and when you come across abandoned and destroyed places, you can see that nature in return becomes part of it as well. It's quite interesting to observe such sights, for they show that no matter how ruthless and destructive a person can feel and act, time and nature will rule everything in the end. So it seems rather pointless to dwell in the destructive part of ourselves, for creation is a much prosperous endeavor.

A sky can transform a scene completely. It's always amazing how one landscape can look so much different when you shoot it with blue sky, overcast sky and with moody clouds. The light plays a big role in that as well. When the winter days are long, and there isn't much to see on the ground, you can always rely on the fact that an interesting looking sky can pull your shot together. So in that sense I want to show some of my Favorite Cloud and Sky Images that I have collected over the years.

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It is one of those things that give you great control over the atmosphere of the image. Depth of field really determines what kind of images we are looking it. From shallow depths of field to those all around sharp images, aperture on our cameras really controls what we show and what others can see.

With mixed weather dominating the lands, real opportunities for travel and venturing out have gone by. It seems that as soon as weekend rolls around so do the rain clouds. On the other side, there is always beauty to be found, so in that spirit here are some rainy and moody shots from Mostar. Thank you for joining us and linking in. I love visiting other peoples blogs and have discovered a lot of new ones that I like. Thank you also for visiting each other, saying that "Through My Lens" brought you there. Feels like a small community already.

Vienna is the capital city of Vienna. I had the chance to visit it four times so far and it was always enchanting. It's a city that features many historical and cultural points of interest, but that is also very modern and urban. Lots of people visit it and it can be a bit daunting to know which places to see and what to skip, so I decided to make a list on Top 10 Things to Do in Vienna.

While there is no official border distinguishing the Bosnian region in the north, from the Herzegovina portion in the south, it is generally accepted that the borders of this southern region where I live, are Croatia to the southwest, Montenegro to the east, Mountain Maglić to the northeast, and Mountain Ivan to the north. The name Herzegovina means "duke's land", referring to the medieval duchy of Stjepan Kosaca. Herceg is derived from the German title Herzog.

No, spring hasn't bloomed here yet, actually it has been very cold in the past couple of days. But this doesn't mean that we can't take a look back at some springtime images from last year. Especially when they come for some woods, not far from Mostar. It's a great place for photography, and I hope you will enjoy these. In the meantime, make sure to link up your own posts down below.

When I posted my recent travel series from the Southwest USA, I got a lot of comments saying that it was amazing that we saw so much of the country in only 15 days. I kept replying how planing the trip was the key and that's how we managed to see so much in the end. This got me thinking about travel planing and organizing so I decided to write a separate post on this subject.

When you think about it, there is a lot of time in the day. Especially when you are free while traveling. So there is the possibility to do a lot, If you just plan ahead. Of course it should be said right away, that planing shouldn't take away from the enjoyment of traveling, but rather it should be an enhancement of it.

I love coming across abandoned buildings in lone landscapes. While on a recent drive in the outskirts of Mostar I came across some nice places for landscape photography. The landscapes are mostly bare now and on this particular day it was windy as well. But that didn't stop me from going out and getting the shots. These images were taken on a drive to Blagaj. You can find some interesting, old and run down buildings here, that are nicely juxtaposed with the surrounding bare fields.
Moody days have befallen the lands, as strong cold winds from the north have shaken everything up. It's quite freezing outside these days, which makes shooting unbearable. That was the case in my latest venture this past weekend.  I wanted to go outside the city to shoot the river Neretva from the so called Aviation Bridge in the southern outskirts. I couldn't even manage to step onto the bridge from the strong wind here.

I know it seems unnecessary to open up this topic on transportation, when you can use any navigation system and figure out how to get from one place to another nowadays. But if you happen to plan a Southwest USA Road Trip, like I did back in October of 2015 you will probably come across the dilemma on how to get from Yosemite National Park to Las Vegas. Google Maps will give you two options, Via Michelin others, and you will be left wondering which way is the best. But it's not only about getting the right route, it's also about being prepared for this part of the journey, that goes through the desert and very lonely (and few) places.

The images in this post were taken with our phone cameras, and are actually screenshots from our USA Road Trip documentary which is 90 minutes long. Let me know if you would be interested in me uploading it.

As the days of winter are progressing nature around Mostar is in a standstill. The days are short and mostly cold, and that is reflected in the busy city as well as outside of it, far away in mountain ranges and woods. While venturing out into the mountains seems like a chore during winter, I love escaping here, if not only for the solace and different side of nature at this time of year.

The mountains can present us with extraordinary views during the winter months. When the clouds and fog engulf the cliffs and rocks they create a symbiosis of natural beauty. I could gaze at the nature in these shots for hours. Located at the foothills of mountain Prenj, these sighs are also completed by the nearby Grabovica lake near Jablanica. I hope you will enjoy these frosty winter sights and I hope to see you link up and share your photos with the rest of us.

Usually photographers work hard to avoid lens flare. It can be distracting, causing metering issues and introducing specular highlights. Sometimes, however, you can take advantage of it. For this technique to work, the sun needs to be near the edges of the frame, so check the forecast before you head out, and shoot early or late in the day when the sun is close to the horizon.

There are so many travel related apps out there right now for your smart phone, that it can be exhausting to go through them and pick out what you will actually need. On my travels I have become depended on some travel apps, and I wanted to share them here. They are easy to use and are really useful, both when you are online and out and about without an internet connection. 

Sure, it’s great to switch off and de-tech if you’re relaxing on a beach. But if you’re planning on (for example) sightseeing in Europe or road tripping through the USA, the modern-day conveniences of WiFi and a smartphone can make the journey that much better.

A new Year has begun and with it new travel plans. As the holiday season is winding down, we are all undoubtedly in the need for a fresh scenery. At least I am. While this post covers destinations previously visited by me and therefore tested, I'm also including places that are on my bucket list when it comes to Europe.

Of course a list like this can be expanded and reworked, but I also think that it includes a couple of gems that are not on too many "popular destination" posts I have previously read. Sometimes the list includes cities other times specific places, and I'll try to explain the reasoning within each selection. So without further ado here are in my opinion the Best Places to visit in Europe in 2016.

It has finally happened. Fresh snowfalls have cover the land (and least the north of the country), and just in time too at the start of the new year. Welcome back to the first edition of "Through my Lens" in 2016. I hope to see your contributions as I have really come to love peeking through your lens last year. There is always so much to see. I hope you are enjoying a beautiful winter as well (at least if you like snow). Here are some images from the snowed in Sarajevo.

First off I wish you all a Happy New Year! I hope 2016 will be as great as you imagine it to be. I had a small celebration within the family last night, and as the morning light came through the windows on the 1st of January it was time to start into the new year. Each beginning holds a promise of a fresh start and I guess that's why there are so many resolutions being made at this time. I'm not a believer in them actually. I don't think you can will yourself into changing overnight.