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As you may have noticed, the blog has a complete new layout. It has been a LONG time in the works, and my goal was to organize my posts, label them and highlight them in the best possible way. There will be some tweaks here and there to the look (like the size of the font, which I'm still trying to change in the HTML), but all in all this is the new look of the blog. In this post I wanted to talk about some of the new features, as well as what you can expect on the blog for the rest of 2014, and a little bit beyond...

Somewhere in these snowed in mountains, lies the village Sunji, almost cut off from the rest of the world. The mountain terrain is very rugged, and during winter the bare trees don't offer much protection from the seasonal weather. Located in central Bosnia and Herzegovina, these regions are known for harsh winters, but also beautiful scenic views and landscapes.

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The days here are getting colder and colder, and the landscapes are quickly adjusting to the changes all around them. Herzegovina, which is the south part of Bosnia and Herzegovina, usually has milder winters. That's why you can go out and enjoy hikes in nature and surrounding mountains much longer then anywhere else (if you don't mind the cold).

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These winter scenes in the mountains are a common sight right now.

I know I'm a bit late with decorating the house for the season that is in full swing by now, but with learning for the state law exam, which I passed recently, there just wasn't much time. I'm now catching up with all of these chores, and in this post I wanted to show you my tree, which is much different then the one we did last year.

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This is the finished result of my work, but let's take a few steps back.

I chose a tree that had different shades of green as well as some white snow tips. It gives a really great texture and richness.

I chose red and gold, the classical color combination, white lights, and these pine cones that you can attach with wires to the tree.

This is the look of the decorated tree at day.

Next are two shots from the night.

How is the spirit of the season reflected in your home?

We have had some really great sunny winter days lately. And this usually means that the night skies that follow those days are pierced with stars. At night it's really amazing to gaze into such a sky, so I decided to go out and capture some of the night scenes from Mostar.

You won't find many people on the streets, since it's very cold. Most of them are in cafes, restaurants, bars or at home. This gave me an opportunity to get some interesting cityscapes.

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A long exposure shot from the Tito bridge in Mostar, looking over the pedestrian bridge Bunur with the river Neretva rushing underneath.

When the nights are long, cold and dark, it's nice to visit the shops and take in some of the sparkling warmth from the lights. Around Christmas the various stores in the city transform into warm harbors and shields from the cold outside. I took my camera with me during our recent visit to a home-decor store. Hopefully you will enjoy these, and I hope they will bring some warmth into your cold nights as well.

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I really liked these purple-green-yellow decorations. Might even get them for my tree.

Some rather expensive artificial Christmas trees were in the middle of the store.

I love this little corner with many different things to discover.

Admittedly, I love snooping around home goods stores like this one. Especially when they offer unique looking nick-nacks and furniture.

So many to choose from...

The candle display in the next shot:

Have a great weekend ahead.
What is lighting up your days in the dark season?

The snow has finally arrived. And while I do realize that most of you, that have been under a lot of it recently, will shriek at this notion, let me have my moment of joy. As someone who lives in the southern part of a Southern European country I don't see much of it where I live. In order to really experience it I have to travel up north or into the mountains. As It turns out, I happened to be at both places at the same time recently.

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On the top of the mountain Ivan, somewhere in the middle of Bosnia and Herzegovina, snow started falling the day before. And while it was following us on our trip from Sarajevo, it was at this point where its full glory became apparent.

On the side of the road, I found this little quiet scene.

Some of these, even though shot in color, look like black and white images. Autumn is for sure gone here.

A view of the snowed in valley.

The reason for my recent travel north to the capital Sarajevo, was my State Law Exam. This is why I was absent from the blog world on Monday and Tuesday. Good news is, after a two-part written exam and an oral exam on Monday, I passed it, so my friends and I were celebrating a bit. I leave you with that image, and I'll be back with new views from the other side soon.

Thank you all for visiting!

The transformative powers in nature are quite astonishing. Each season holds certain beauties that can go unnoticed. Winter for example is associated with snow, lights of the night, christmas trees, but not so much with bare landscapes. I wanted to showcase some local plains near Mostar, where the cold winter season has taken a toll on the vegetation, and where only winter greens survive.

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I love the crisp cold winter air, that bites your cheeks. Venturing into these regions is no easy task for those who chill easely. This is a really awesome spot for visitors to explore. It's a site of Mostar and Bosnia and Herzegovina, you won't find on any tourtist map.

In order to get here you need to divert from the main M-17 route that goes through Mostar and drive to the lookout spot "Fortica" from which you continue driving to these plains, sometimes known as "Podvelezje", meaning "At the foot of the mountain Velez" (which you will see in a couple of images later).

Roads here are few and narrow. They pierce through the stony hills and make their way over the valley all the way to the foot of even bigger mountains.

As I was approching mountain Velez, I noticed a big snow cloud hovering above it. Fresh snow had fallen on this day, giving a uniqe look to these southern regions of Europe.

A path leading into the winter green woods. I love the many places you can photograph here. Wherever you turn around there is a sight worth noticing.

As you make your way back to the city of Mostar, you will spot many unique rock formations. Some even include ruins of old fortresses and world war II hide out spots. That's why I said, that there is lot to discover here. It simply gives you a new perspective of these parts of my country, that you would othervise not see.

I hope you enjoyed these looks into the cold days around here.

How is winter treating you guys?

We finish our stay in Lisbon in this third and final part of our travel series. After our trip to Albufeira in the second part, we are now back in the city of Lisbon, this time on a local overlook. The sweeping views of the city can really take you in. Even though the day wasn't the nicest it didn't stop the photo taking and exploring. Enjoy the final part.

This is a multi-part travel series. Other parts include:
Part One: The Inner City and Oceanarium
Part Two: A Trip to Albufeira
Part Three: Above the City 

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In the second part of the Lisbon Travel Series, we will actually depart from Lisbon for a moment, and take a drive south to the small town Albufeira on the Atlantic Ocean. It is a main tourist destination, due to its coastal location. The Old Town is situated right one the rugged coastline and is predominantly a pedestrian area. Let's take a look.

This is a multi-part travel series. Other parts include:
Part One: The Inner City and Oceanarium
Part Two: A Trip to Albufeira
Part Three: Above the City 

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