Thursday, May 27, 2010

Far Away


Sometimes we do everything to overcome it, to shorten the road, to finally make it. Yet other times, distance is what we crave. A far away place. A secluded beach, far ways from tourist spots, hidden in the rough shell of the cliffs. Or maybe a path along pinewood trees, leading deep into the forest. Places that can seem dangerous to some people, but in certain times can be the cure that is needed. 

The sun setting on the horizon, slowly descending into darkness, in a place that only a dream can picture. It's right there, in our minds, in our souls. 

Escaping the usual routines is something everyone can relate too. Sometimes it just becomes too much. During those daydreams we wonder off, on a journey that can take us across the sea and over mountain tops. If we could only reach for that grass, so tall and green. Smell the air, so fresh and clean. Feel the breeze, so soothing and relaxing. To open our eyes, and really be there...
Distant places. So far away, yet so close.

Maybe if we keep believing we'll reach them.


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