Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Feeling Blue

This rocky beach was a truly great find. I was taking a hike up the Adriatic coast in Drvenik, Croatia, when I discovered it. The beach is fairly small, and full of this big black rocks, and I just love the contrast between the hard rocks and soft, silky sea that surrounds them. 

Another detail that was special to me, is the view you have when you lay down on the beach. At first it is covered with the rocks, but then you look up and sea the big and wast sea that leads to an island in the distance. Even though it was getting dark, and the beach was wet from the waves, it still felt cozy.

All of the images that follow were taken in that area. And the last one was taken a bit earlier then the first, and I drained some of the color in post production.

I hope you'll enjoy them.


  1. Thanks. At first I thought the rock on the left side was too much, but I think it works.

  2. I like the mystery in the second to last photo.

    1. There is quite some mystery in it. I think that's what appeals to me as well.

  3. A lot of beauty here to take in!

    1. These shots are my favorite as far as after-sundown photography goes. Thanks for commenting.


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