Friday, June 4, 2010

New Pages on the Blog [Maltese Diaries]

As you may have noticed I have added some pages to the blog and the latest one deserves special mentioning. It's a project I have undertaken since my dog Beni came to us. I'm talking about "Beni - The Maltese Diaries".
The series of clips follows his life and the memorable things he has lived through as well the ordinary moments in a dogs life. Each year of his life is basically a season, with the birthday being the finale. :) As of now this collection includes 11 Episodes (Episodes 1-8 are Season 1). The 12th is in post-production. I have posted some of his videos previously on my blog, but making a special blog just about them seemed a bit too much. 
So here they are. I hope you'll enjoy them. And to those who have a YouTube account, please rate them and leave a comment if you can. Thank you in advance!

Update: New Episode added.


  1. I love watching the Beni videos. I'll come back to see them all as time allows.

    Impressed with all your wonderful pictures. I get a feeling I'll learn a lot from you! Keep up the good work.

  2. Thank you. Glad you enjoy them. He just came back home with a new haircut so I guess that means another video :) Love watching your pictures too.


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