Tuesday, June 1, 2010

All new Blog Design

I know it hasn't been long from my last redesign, but i didn't feel quite satisfied with the results i achieved the last time. I wanted to create a brighter design with a better structure. This is not the final outcome though. I'm tweaking and pushing where I can to make it look better. So just be prepared for something new when you open this next time. More photos will follow soon.


  1. It's looking crisp :) - Mersad, I change mine so often...it can become as much fun as taking photos, yet a little more frustrating when you can't quite get it the way that you want...been there in taking photos, too.

  2. Thank you both. I'm a rookie when it comes to HTML, and this blogger is primarily focused on that :). But yeah, I hope to make it even better in time.
    @Heather: I love your new design. I like it minimalistic and easy to use. It's about the photos and not a fancy design. I think photography really shines through on a big white canvas.

  3. And I also just discovered the new Design Option on the Dashboard, so I think I will change the layout again during the day. :)


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