Monday, September 20, 2010

Lost and Found

I found this puppy outside when I was walking my dog. It was raining heavily and I couldn't bare leaving her like this. So I took her home, gave her a bath, food and took her to my vet. And this morning i got the news, that she had run away from her two sisters and brothers. They were all about to be rescued. I don't know how she took off, but I am so happy that she will find a permanent home after all.

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  1. guess you were not ready to have this doggie? Or do you already have one? Nice of you though to rescue her from bad weather!

  2. Oh I have a dog!

    Our local animal rescue organization were looking for her. They found her a home. But before they could rescue her from some bushes where she was living she already run away.

  3. Thanks for helping her out. I have done the same for dogs in need. She is a cutie, I am sure she will have a home soon.

  4. You are so sweet, Mersad and such a blessing to the little pup and her family ♥



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