Monday, February 7, 2011

Backlit Summer Photo [includes before and after comparison]

Often times people think you just have to click and the image is done. But that's not really the case. Rarely you'll get an image that you are 100% satisfied with right out of the camera. Sometimes you just need to adjust the brightness and contrast and you're done. But other times the adjustments have to be bigger. Layers with color correction and tweaks here and there. You'll never see a professional or semi-professional photographer who doesn't rework their images, even if they tell you so. Portraits especially. So here is one small comparison to the photo below.


  1. Super edit! Love the back light. I have not mastered that yet.

  2. Great edit, and I agree with Rebecca, the back light is very nice!

  3. Thank you both. I just noticed that her right eye had a red tint due to the backlight, so I went back and changed that.

  4. Well done! And thanks for saying that about the digital darkroom. I'm so tired of "apologizing" for editing to those who do not understand the process.

    Julie Magers Soulen Photography

  5. So true! It makes me crazy when people think all you need is a "good" camera to take great pictures. Digital takes much more post-processing than film ever did. You did a beautiful job here!
    New follower and thanks for following at my blog.

  6. Thank you Julie and Traci. I'm using a Canon 350D which is not state of the art. But it comes down to your lens and pp. I'll always gladly admit when i did some work in post.

  7. Lovely photo. I have so much to learn about photography. Thanks for visiting my little blog.



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