Friday, October 28, 2011

Autumn Lake

Here is a motive I've always wanted to photograph. There is a road across the lake, which I take when I visit our Weekend-House. The road is curvy and there aren't that many spots to park and simply take pictures. But his time I just had to try.

I pulled over, and walked the road back, to a spot where I could get a closer look. After managing the nearby trees and bushes I found a perfect place, from which this small island in the lake was visible, zoomed in and there it is.

And as a plus, It has the autumn foliage all over it!


  1. Beautiful sight! I crossed a large lake recently and wished there was someplace to stop but it was a bridge about a half-mile long so no stopping allowed.

    P.S. Re your comment on my "redneck media center," do you actually have or know about rednecks in your part of the world?

  2. We don't have rednecks here, but I know about them through reading, tv, internet, etc... :D



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