Friday, February 22, 2013



I was thinking about writing a quick hello, just to say that new photos are coming (and that I'll catch up on my Cologne visit too), but then it dawned on me that there could be more to write and say.

It feels good to return to the familiar, to the known. It's sort of the cozy blanket that you just slip under and know the world is a better place.

And then after a while the familiar becomes stale. You earn for adventure and the unknown. Discovering new places, new cultures, cities, food, and so on... And don't you find that the ironic twist is that on those adventures, the only thing you can think about is returning. Maybe not the first day of a trip, but by day seven those daily old routines become all you think of.

People are creatures of habit, and there is no better place to rediscover that statement then when you find them in places unknown.

Returning also means finishing a cycle. Weather it's a daily cycle, like returning home from work, or a longer one, after coming home from a long journey. And once a cycle is complete another one begins. And it goes on and on and on...

So, I have returned. To the familiar, the the known. Hope you'll join me again.

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