Friday, August 23, 2013

Visiting Sibenik 2013 [Part 3/5]: Old Town and Cathedral

I guess I should actually post some photos from Sibenik, since that was the main part of our vacation. We visited Sibenik last year, so we didn't overdo taking photos there. The side destinations were actually more appealing to us this year, not trying to take away from the beauty of the old town of Sibenik. Here are some sunset images taken by the famous Sibenik Cathedral. Since 2000, the Cathedral has been on the UNESCO World Heritage List.

And as long as we are talking Cathedrals, it doesn't get better than the Cologne Cathedral we visted last December for Christmas. Check those photos out here. 
This is a multi-part series from our vacation, other parts include:
Part One: Lost on the Island (Part One)
Part Two: Lost on the Island (Part Two)
Part Three: Old Town of Sibenik and Cathedral
Part Four: Visiting the Fortress of St. Nikola
Part Five: Ocean Sunset

click on the images for a bigger view

In the upcoming part we will visit one of my favorite places: the Fortress of St. Nikola! It's going to be good.


  1. Wonderful shots! I hope to visit Croatia someday. :-)

    1. There are many great places in Croatia, mostly those that are not promoted to be big tourist destinations.

  2. amazing portraits of your sister, if she is not a model, she should be.. I really like the photo of you and the dog...

    1. She is not a model, but I am sure she will appreciate your comment. Thank you.

  3. Beautiful photos, and your sister is lovely!

  4. Mersad my compliments for these pictures, the light and colors are very nice, and you sister has a lovely smile..... she's a nice model.

    Greetings from Holland, Joop



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