Saturday, August 17, 2013

Blog Redesign and Update!

I have been furiously editing the vacation photos, and the first ones will be posted soon! And in the meantime, I have also redesigned my blog.  You will see a lot of changes and I hope that you'll find them for the better. 

First you will notice that I have a new logo. This is something that I wanted to change for a long time. The old one was always nice, but I wanted a modern and more slick logo. I hope you will like it.

Then there is the blog layout. Not all of the images of a post are displayed on the main page. You can click on the main image, post title or the (+) sign to open up the post and view it completely. I am still working out the Kings on some of the design features. This way the blog is not so crowded and everything is more accessible. The load times are faster too.

Now the blog has a responsive design, that can adapt any browser, and the mobile version for iPad and other tablets is better and improved with the design. I have a new flavicon icon too.

The narrow design of the blog will mean that you'll have to click on the images to view them full size. This means that I can finally upload larger images, which is better for viewing.

As you can see a lot has changed, but I promise that the quality will remain the same (if not better now).

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