Friday, May 9, 2014

Remains of the Past [Part 4/5]: The Abandoned School

We left the mountains and made our way back to the main road. My friend Selma told me about an abandoned and partially destroyed school, a couple of miles further east. It is going to be an unusual sight for you, as far as schools go (it was for me as well).

The school dates back to the early 50s, and was constructed after World War II. The school was an elementary school called "Mirko Bijelica", and children went here, up to the fourth grade.

It's located right next to the road, so we didn't have a hard time looking for it. I hope you will enjoy the sights, and the finale of this series titled "Goodbye to the Past" will be posted on this Sunday! 
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The Abandoned School
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Somewhere in the distance, life goes on...

The dark clouds we left behind, lingered in the distance. Where we were now the sun peaked out and provided much needed light.

Next to the school we saw this little house. No one is living in it, but it is in good condition.

I then looked further east, and saw more houses in the distance. With some abandoned and some inhabited, they proved to be the perfect setting for this series. The whole surroundings, despite the sunlight, were spooky and hauntingly quiet.

This is the school. The classrooms were in the middle of the building in the rectangular house. The roof has collapsed partially, and nature has mostly taken over. Again, dark clouds from the east were coming in. We were literally in the spotlight of sun.

Across the road, on the other side of the valley, the sun lit up the hills, turning the landscapes into the most glorious greens.

But I wasn't satisfied with just the exteriors. I had to get closer...

Inside the building you can see the effect of time and weather a bit better.

We even saw an abandoned school bus, right next to the school. It's incredible to me, that this still stands here, untouched and not moved away.

Eventually, small drops of rain, greeted us, and we packed up the gear and returned to the car. We were on our way to the final destination of our trip. And this time we were moving back west!

End of Part Four
To be continued...

Thanks for visiting. I wish you all a happy and relaxing weekend ahead. I'm purposefully not telling you what you will see in the last part of this series. Let's keep that a surprise. But let me assure you, we're going out on a big note. Until then...


  1. Starke Farbkontraste, ich mag deine Fotos, besonders das erste und dritte gefallen mir sehr. LG

  2. You are surrounded by the most gorgeous countryside, Mersad. The old buildings make wonderful subjects, and the weathered blue door simply beckons me closer.

    1. The door had me also, once I saw it. It's the vibrant color that remained, despite everything else being grey.

  3. i love the contrasts in light and dark in the first few shots. beautiful!

    1. There is a lot of contrast because the sun came out, and created it. So I used it to my advantage.

  4. I agree with Tex, I too, love the contrasts of light and dark. All of your captures are superb, Mersad, and what an interesting, intriguing place!! It does make you wish that it could talk and share its history and secrets!! Have a wonderful weekend!

    1. Thanks so much Sylvia. It was very intriguing to stand there and explore.

  5. The light was perfect for such a sad place. It's hard to imagine it being full of laughing children.
    It looks as if it was hit by a mortar round.

  6. Such dramatic colors and skies! I like seeing the older buildings and structures...Like taking a walk back in time. Thanks for sharing these, Mersad!!

  7. The mountains are just gorgeous! I like the faded blue on the door. It is unusual to see something like a bus just left behind.

  8. What a fantastic trip Mersad.. I just caught up with part two, three and now four. Oh this old school looks so sad now it's a bit like the deserted ship, with everything still in place but not a soul in sight! You have shown us such very special images of the landscape here.. your first image here today I loved, the peek through the arch was perfect.

    1. That first image took me a long time actually. A big white electrical pole was outside, and it was completely ruining the shot. So I had to edit it out. I wanted to create a sense of isolation.

  9. AnonymousMay 09, 2014

    your photos are great! what a beautiful nature!
    love the dramatic skies.

  10. I love being able to come along on your trips. Wonderful images and the history is so very interesting.

  11. Wonderful photographs and exceptional light! The gray of the impending storm really brings out the light in the scenes. (It is a shame that a relatively new school was abandoned like this.)

  12. A fascinating, beautiful series of scenes. love the dark clouds looming round the road. Intriguing drama. But it is the character of the old school that particularly appeals to me.


  13. Hello, Mersad.

      Your works is embraced in your gentleness.
      And sweet message charms my heart.

      The prayer for all peace.
      I wish You all the best.

    Have a good day. from Japan, ruma ❀

  14. Wow....sieht gewaltig aus mit dem Wolkenhimmel und hat auf mich gleichzeitig eine Faszination^^ Ebenso wie das alte Schulgebäude. Finde ich einfach nur toll, auch wie du sie in Szene gesetzt hast und die Perspektiven gewählt hast. Gefällt mir sehr sehr gut.

    Wünsche dir ein schönes Wochenende und sende herzliche Grüssle


  15. This serie of the past is so beautiful
    have a great week end

  16. I find old, even derelict buildings fascinating. They also make brilliant subjects for a keen photographer.

  17. I particularly like the first shot-- The arch, the sky, the door.... Very fine.

  18. sad top abandon a school, we have a few in NZ, and despite protest, the govt stood firm.



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