Sunday, December 21, 2014

New Blog Layout, Plans for Rest of 2014, and more...

As you may have noticed, the blog has a complete new layout. It has been a LONG time in the works, and my goal was to organize my posts, label them and highlight them in the best possible way. There will be some tweaks here and there to the look (like the size of the font, which I'm still trying to change in the HTML), but all in all this is the new look of the blog. In this post I wanted to talk about some of the new features, as well as what you can expect on the blog for the rest of 2014, and a little bit beyond...

Navigation of the Blog

The navigation is the best new feature of the blog. You can now easily access certain types of posts that are of interest to you. But, you don't have to use the navigation. All posts are still ordered chronologically on the main site, in the order they have been posted.

About Me

In this first section you will find my biography and contact info, news and updates from the blog, a list of photographic literature I recommend, as well as the various sites I link my posts to.


This next section is self explanatory. Here you will find all of my travel series, neatly organized by country or you can just click on the word "Travels" and have the site display all travel posts.


Here you will find posts, organized by theme. From mountains to rivers, from cities to the countryside, pick the theme you are most interested in and start exploring.

Domestic Life

All posts that are related to home and garden, recipes, pets and animals can be found here.


A big part of the blog are the tutorials and photographic how-to tips. You can find all tutorials, listed here.

All new Travel Series starting Tomorrow!

The end of 2014 may be approaching, but I'm not done with traveling. There is a big three-part travel series coming up, starting tomorrow and going through the next week. It will be from a location I haven't visited before, and I'm hopefull that you will like it as well. Here is a small preview:

The Rest of 2014

There will be more posts after the new travel series, including a best of post with unreleased images and outtakes. So you can look forward to that as well. And the end of the year I'm traveling for New Year's Eve, so you can expect another photo series in the beginning of 2015.

My visit to the USA

As I have previously said, I visited the USA back in 2005, and for 2015, which will mark the 10 year Anniversary, I will post those images. I have digitally scanned all of the images, and I'm processing them now. Oh, the blunders of film photography!

Have a great Sunday.
Please let me know how you like the new look and features.


  1. the new layout is great and nice and clean and clear and organized. the only problem i have is the print is hard for me to read. the first sentences in the first paragraph are bold and i can read those really well, the rest of the print is a struggle.. i did not have that problem with the other one

    1. Yeah I know. I'm trying to change the size of the font, but it's proving to be a little harder with this template. I will take care of it though.
      Thank you for your feedback.

  2. The blog has a nice sleek look. I am fairly new to your blog,but look forward to up coming posts. I enjoy your photography. Have a great day.

  3. Hello Mersad, I like your blog's new look.. And it sounds like the navigation will be a breeze and easy to use.. Your post and photography is always a treat. Have a happy Sunday!

  4. I love the strong lines of the bridge, and the wonderful sunshine!!!

  5. Mersad! Love this clean black and white layout. It is really smooth, clean and easy to follow. I have so enjoyed your blog over the last year and look forward to whats to come. Blessings to you over the Christmas holiday!

    1. Thanks Sarah. Really appreciate your continued support!

  6. Looking good, Mersad!
    And looking forward to your next travel series and further travel adventures.

    1. Thanks so much. Say hi to Bill from me.

  7. Love the new look of your blog! I think you did a fantastic job!!! congratulations with that!
    I'd like to wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

  8. I like the shadows dancing in and out and round about the bridge!

    Shadowy Cross

  9. Mersad, the font size is fine. The colour is grey. Go to RGB and zero zero zero if that doesn't work use 256, 256, 256. Can never remember which is white and black, I'm sure it is 0,0,0 as black isn't a colour. Use RGB but I suspect sRGB would work and would load faster. The HTML will go in the Body and not the Header. I usually try to insert modification code just before. Body>.
    Have fun, I'm in Blender mode at the moment but if this rain doesn't stop then I'll copy your layout and have a go. It won't affect you as you know.

    I like this as it is. It looks professional. It worked fine for me when I clicked about. Posh grey scale buttons instead of text would be fantastic. I love playing. Look in the Body HTML for the colour bit. I seem to recall it is after all the insets and after font.

    1. I will go into the HTML again tomorrow, and see what I can come up with. I will contact you if I have any trouble.

  10. Very nice, clean look. Your photos are always topnotch. Have a wonderful Christmas.

  11. I like the new format! Can't wait to see your next series.

  12. Schön, daß du so was machen kannst. Ich möchte auch gerne meinen Blog schöner gestalten, aber ich kann gar nichts damit anfangen, so muß ich die Möglichkeiten nehmen, die mir Blogger fertig bereitstellt.
    Wo geht deine Reise in die USA genau?

    1. Die Reise führt nach Washington D.C und an einige andere Städte in West Virginia.

  13. Looks good, Mersad. Looking forward to all the new posts.

  14. I like your new layout, Mersad. It will be fascinating to see the U.S. through your lens!

    1. Thanks Tina. I hope to post that travel series mid January 2015.

  15. Your blog is beautiful! I always enjoy coming here to see your fabulous images.

  16. Hi Mersad, I love the new look of your blog. It's very professional and easy to navigate. I look forward to seeing more of your beautiful photos in the coming new year. Merry Christmas

  17. Mersad, I really like the new layout of your blog. It is very appealing to the eye and user friendly. Nice work!

  18. Lasse ich mich mal überraschen was für schöne Fotos und Reisen ich noch bei dir sehen werde

    Liebe Grüssle


  19. I can see you put allot of thought into this new layout, nice clean look as others have already pointed out and It seems to load up nice and quick too, I like it!

  20. Sehr schönes neues Outfit clean! Tres chic ;-)!

    Ich wünsche dir tolle Weihnachten und ein noch besseres neues Jahr! Vielen Dank für deine lieben Kommentare auf meinem Blog! GlG Anne


  21. Wow, so many clever people! I really like the new layout, Mersad, but I had to get really close to the screen to read the text. It is quite small and too pale for me to read properly. I'm looking forward to the US pictures. I was there twice in 2004 so I hope memories will be revived.

    1. I'm still working out the King's with some of the HTML in regards to the font size and thickness. It's a real pain with this template, but I hope to have it completed soon.

  22. Looking Good. It's been a pleasure viewing your blog this year and I look forward to viewing many more great posts in 2015. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

  23. Hi Mersad. I know this post was a few days ago however I did not have the time then to comment on it.. It looks very professional, clean clear and understandable. Print size for me would be a problem however I read what Adrian said and your response and I am sure you will be able to alter that. You have worked well at getting it like this. Well done. I how have time to once again read, admire and comment on your fantastic journey into the mountains. Will be good to see it all again.

    1. The font size and thickness has been altered since and corrected. The font in the blog posts is large now and shows up like that for me on numerous devices. Two things could be the problem for you. Either your screen is too bright or you have small font sellected in your browser. Thanks for your comment Margareth.

  24. Great new layout! I think this will be very enjoyable for all your visitors. I got very behind with everyone over Christmas and have some catching up to do! But, I really looking forward to your great posts, and am excited about the 2005 USA visit photos!



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