Friday, September 9, 2016

Visiting Zijemlje [Part 2/3]: Sunset in the Valley

As the sun started to set in the valley of the village Zijemlje, the landscapes started to change around us. Gone was the heat of the afternoon and a calm and mellow wind blew through the land. We returned to our car from the place we had explored in the first part. Our goal was to drive further into the mountains, but before that I took some sunset images in the valley.

This is a multi part photo series. Other parts include:
Part 1: The Village on the Edge
Part 2: Sunset in the Valley
Part 3: Tombstones in the Mountains

Landscapes during Sunset

I took some wide angle images of the fields and fences. The trick to this type of shot is to get low and close up to the subject and go really wide with your lens. I tried this method in a few shots in this part as well is in part one. We loved the colors and light in the valley, and couldn't really tear us apart from it.

A drive up the Mountains

Our road trip had to go on, so we moved further into the mountains, to the foothills of mountain Velez to be precise. I parked the car near a quarry, and we walked a little bit on the gravel road (which is actually being prepared for pavement). On the side of the road we could see green meadows and hills, which proved to be a welcome escape from the barren lands from before. I could even glimpse some fall colors.

Beni and Jasmina are taking a walk on the road, before we actually returned the same way back to the car. We decided to go into the opposite direction in order to climb a small hill nearby.

Golden Sunset Hills

I let the others walk up the hill before me so I could take some shots of them. I eventually joined them, for some of the most scenic sights of that day. But I will leave those images for the third and final part of this photo series.

End of Part Two
To be continued...


  1. Stunning landscapes, dear Mersad, your shots always win my heart, thank you !

    Enjoy the end of your week ahead, sending hugs and more hugs to you

    Xx Dany

    1. Thanks so much Daniela for visiting. Glad you enjoyed the images. Hope to see you back for the final part.

  2. Absolutely amazing landscape shots and the wonderful colour on the landscape as the light was falling is brilliant

  3. Deine Schwester wirkt auf dem weißen Weg stehen ganz klein. :-)
    Liebe Grüße

  4. be still my heart on the one with the TREE I love it. and your levitating sister is really great... my favorite today is your car in the grass and fence. it reminds me of the westerns I love and looks like the old wild west, but a car instead of a horse.. love it to

  5. Beautiful, Mersad, especially the one with the tree and the next-to-the last one.

  6. I like the 2d to last shot a bunch! Reminds me of the eastern Sierra.

  7. Wow, it is just so beautiful, especially the misty sunset one. I can't wait to see the golden sunset in part 3.

  8. Beautiful post! I'm a big fan of wide angle lenses for landscape photography. I like the opening shot of (Jasmina?) jumping for joy!

  9. amazing landscape, your shots are so beautiful

  10. Beautiful shots!!! Especially love the couple on with the sun flare in golden Sunset Hills!!! Lovely!

  11. Wow, what a treat these photos are. You know how to really show off the gorgeous scenery you find.

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