Monday, December 19, 2016

Holiday Baking [Through My Lens Nr. 73]

The Holiday Season is baking and decorating Season. It's a time when you can reflect on life and the year past, but also enjoy get-togethers and baked goods. Of course this blog has some festive recipes you can always try out. In this post, besides the two cuties of Brauni and Beni, I want to show you a very simple Chocolate Kiwi Pavlova, which is light and airy, yet satisfyingly delicious. You can find the pavlova recipe here. Thank you all for visiting and joining in this weeks "Through My Lens". Best wishes from me!

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  1. looks yummy ! and so so cute these two :-)
    happy week

  2. Was für niedliche Fotos von den beiden Süssen und danke auch für das Rezept. Schaut echt lecker aus.

    Wünsche dir noch eine schöne Vorweihnachstswoche und sende herzliche Grüsse


  3. Pavlova ist ja auch eine meiner Favoriten. Kracht zwar ordentlich, schmeckt aber auch wieder so leicht, dass man sich einreden kann, dass sie kalorientechnisch doch gar nicht so schlimm ist....hahahha.....Weihnachten eben! GlG Anne

  4. Good Morning dear friend of mine and thank you for hosting me today !

    I've just shared a post about German and especially Italian traditional cakes, the recipe of which belongs to my family for so many generations :)

    Hope you're having a lovely week,
    I'm wishing you the Merriest Christmas ever
    with utmost gratitude

    Xx Dany

  5. ....wishing you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

  6. All the best for Christmas, Mersad! Thank you for being a great host for this meme.

  7. Habt ihr jetzt zwei Hunde? Wie ihr es schafft, dieses Haus mit dem vielen weißen Sachen drin mit Hunden sauber zu halten??? Das kann nicht so leicht sein. Liebe Grüße

  8. your kitchen skills are professional! beni looking cute as always but who is brauni? i missed his introduction somewhere and i just love him!

  9. Aw, the puppies are so cute! Thanks for hosting and have a great week!

  10. What adorable puppies! I want to cuddle them!

  11. Lovely photos! Merry Christmas!

  12. Loved first pic . so cute :)
    Nice post. Have a nice week ahead.

  13. Both dogs are so adorable!

  14. I always like to see your food photos because they're always beautiful. But I think you might have gotten upstaged by the two pups. Merry Christmas and give them both a kiss for me

  15. There's lots going on in my kitchen these days, but little time for photographing it. Your pavlova looks delicious!

  16. Lieber Mersad,

    ich liebe Pavlova!
    Noch nie mit Kiwi und Schokolade getestet, dafür aber die klassische Variante mit Erdbeeren umso öfter ;)

    Herzliche Grüße!

  17. My diet is blown just looking at your pictures!

  18. Thanks for hosting and Happy Holidays.

  19. Ah pavlova is my favourite! I have a Chritmas recipe over on my blog this week too. Wishing you a very happy Christmas.

  20. So glad you know that the Pavlova is from New Zealand (Kiwi) as Australia frequently tries to claim it.

  21. You have two, sweet pups!



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