Monday, November 13, 2017

A Weekend Visitor [Through My Lens Nr. 120]

This past weekend we have had a special friend in our home. Brauni came for a visit. Actually I was dog sitting for Selma, who was off on a trip. We have talked about getting a new dog for some time now, so it was interesting to see how Beni would react to another dog living here with us. At first he was very jelaous (even though he knows Brauni well). He practically woulnd't let go of me. Then she took his toys and place, which didn't help matters. But in the end they sort of mellowed out with each other. Because of the busy weekend I didn't have time to post a new part of my Iceland travel series on Sunday, so you'll have to look forward to Part 8 on Wednesday (and it's going to be a good one).

Thank you all for joining me in another week of "Through My Lens". I am looking forward to your submissions this week!

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  1. Your visitor looks like he is well behaved and I knew Beni would settle down to be sociable to him. Thanks for hosint and have a wonderful week ahead

  2. My daughter's dog looks like the same breed as Brauni. She is a sweet dog and it looks like Beni became friends with her. I have to catch up on your Ireland trip, Mersad. I was away last week without my lap top,

    1. Hope you like the posts. You have some time to catch up now. The next part will be up on Wednesday.

  3. Poor Beni. It's hard to go from playmate to roommate and have to share your humans and your things.

  4. That is a very handsome dog. I am glad they got on OK in the end


  5. i'm glad beni was able to relax and enjoy brauni's stay! they look so sweet together :)

  6. thank you for my smile out loud. this is my first smile of the day. you already know I love dogs, all dogs and you have the black and the white of it today. they are both so precious. Glad they did mellow out....

  7. Poor Beni! I had to chuckle even as I was feeling sorry for him. Brauni is a pretty dog too. I bet Beni was happy when Brauni went home! :-)

  8. Beni is so cute, and Brauni is a beauty. My dog Bailey is not really happy when my daughter's dog stays with us. He doesn't want to play. But after a bit they settle down together and even cuddle up. With time, Beni may accept another dog :)

  9. What were they both looking at, out the window?

  10. They are almost perfect match ;)
    Thank you for hosting. Have a good week.

  11. Glad the dogs finally ended up getting along!

  12. Beni has the sweetest face and looks like he didn't mind his visitor, too much. I need to read about your trip to Ireland. We are considering a visit in the spring.

  13. the interaction between pets is an interesting thing to see, especially when an interloper arrives! have a great week.

  14. Loved the post :) Hello to Brauni n cute Beni. Have a nice week ahead. Greetings.

  15. Very cool photos. Have a wonderful week.

  16. Very handsome dogs, both of them!
    Maybe Beni would be happier with another dog that was his same size
    Have a great week!

  17. I miss having a pet. Looks like both pups worked out a good relationship in a short time. - Margy



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