Wednesday, August 29, 2018

Summer Dreams [Part 3/3]: Vidova Gora and Western Brac

We will finish up the Brac travel series with some of the most beautiful locations visited. First up is Vidova Gora, the highest peak of the island, as well as any island in Croatia. It was a beautiful drive up there, and the sights were wonderful. From high up you really get a sense of the island and the surroundings. Later on the journey took a turn west to the small village Lozisca, and ended in a small fishing town on the west coast Milna. I hope you will enjoy the final part from Brac. I will say that it was probably the best summer vacation I have ever had and I hope the images will do the experience justice.

This is a three-part travel series. Other Parts include:
Part 1: Exploring the Island Brac
Part 2: From North to South - Exploring Supetar and Bol
Part 3: Vidova Gora and Western Brac

Visiting Vidova Gora on Brac

Vidova Gora is the highest mountain and one of the most beautiful viewpoints of the Adriatic Sea. It has a shape of an elongated karst ridge stretching along the southern coast of Brac. The southern face descends steeply, with cliffs sloping into the sea towards the town of Bol. The northern face is a karst highland mild slope of some ten kilometres of width. This highland is for the most part covered with scarce shrubland and Mediterranean macchia and the area of Knezevravni under Vidova Gora is populated with black pinewood.

This vast highland covers more than half of the island, it is entirely deserted and uninhabited, and all larger settlements, except for Nerezisce, that I have shown you in part one, are located on the coast. Globally, Brac is known for its white marble excavated and processed on several locations on the island.

The main access to Vidova Gora is a paved road beginning at the Knezevravan highland, close to Nerezisce. The highest peak of Brač features a 12-meter-high monumental cross made of Brac stone, a telecommunication structure and tavern „Vladimir Nazor“. The surrounding area is an old well-known place displaying the remains of a double defence wall that suggest there once was an old Illyrian fortress on this very site. The view from the top reveals the southern coast of the island with its green belt surrounding Bol. The sight of beach Zlatni Rat is particularly alluring; a narrow sand cape penetrating sharply some 600 meters into the big blue.


Lozisca is located on the west side of Brac, 2 km from the coast. Dominant building is the Parish Church of St. John and Paul. This is a typical Dalmatian place with its recognizable architecture. There is not much to do here, except park your car on the opposite side of this village and take in the beauty. The church is the most dominant feature of the island, but all the houses that surround it definitively add to the charm.

Ending the day in Milna

Milna is located on the western part of the island Brac. It is famous by its marvelous bay, in which the ships of the emperor Diocletian have found a secure harbor in the time of the building of his palace in Split. Today there is a marina with several berths, modern equipped for a secure stay and the service of yachtsmen from the whole world.

The crystal clear sea, domestic healthy food, ideal condition for diving, sailing, fishing, and a fast connection to the land are the main means of the arrival of guests to Milna, which is built in a typically Mediterranean style with a baroque church finished in 1783. Milna is known for the Chakavian dialect being spoken here, the only part of the island where this is the case. The town was attacked during the Battle of the Dalmatian channels on November 14th 1991, the only settlement on Brac that has been directly attacked during the Croatian War of Independence.

In conclusion, Brac truly charmed me. It showed me how much beauty there can be on an island, and how much you can do within 7 days and still feel relaxed, get your swim on and relax on the beach. It will be a measure for future summer dreams for sure...

The End


  1. Diese hornförmige Sandhalbinsel...die habe ich shcon so oft in Reisekatalogen gesehen, Bol heißt sie, wenn ich mich gut erinnere. Es war immer mein Wunsch einmal da hin zu reisen. Liebe Grüße

  2. Beautiful images. The color of the water is amazing.

  3. Wonderful photography, as always they make me wish I was there! Thank you.

  4. Summer dreams, relaxing in such a pretty area. A perfect setting.

  5. You have got some incredibly stunning shots in this series. What a beautiful vacation spot you found. I love all the beautiful views of beaches and oceans but, I really enjoyed all the historic old buildings too.

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