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Summer Dreams [Part 2/3]: North to South on Brac

A drive through the island Brac can bring through many wondrous sights and places. As I said in part one of this travel series, it doesn't take too long to get from one side of the island to the other. So when you take the route from north to south you truly get to see many things. In part one I showed you some sights from the inner island and in this part I will share sights from the northern coastline, where the capital city Supetar is located, as well as the calming sea on the southern side, with the town Bol and the famous beach Zlatni rat. So come tag along!

This is a three-part travel series. Other Parts include:
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Part 2: From North to South - Exploring Supetar and Bol
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Beaches in the North

The north side of the island has many little towns and places dotted along the coastline. I will say that the water on the south side is much cleaner because of the water streaming regularly through the canal between Brac and the island Hvar. Lovrecina Bay is the most prominent beach on the north side, which during my visit was very crowded and dirty.  But if you drive around for a bit you can find secluded spots and beaches that are clean and less busy.

Visiting Supetar

Supetar is the largest town on Brac. The Parish church of St. Peter stands on the side of an old chapel which was restored in 1773. The present settlement of Supetar was founded in the 16th century when people living in Nerezisca, about 8 kilometres (5 miles) inland, began to use it as their harbor. The town's main period of development occurred during the 18th and 19th centuries when Supetar took over from Nerezisca as the administrative center of the island.

There is a lot of night activity here during the summer so you can easily spend a nice evening here. Many great restaurants are located on the main walking lane in the harbor. At night the lights of the town are reflected in the Adriatic Sea. Next to the old town is a ferry station from which the Jadrolinija company regularly operates ferry-boats to Split on the mainland.

Exploring the town Bol

Bol is a beautiful place. From the most prominent beach on the Adriatic coastline in Croatia to the wonderful old town, no matter from which side you explore Bol you will be satisfied. Bol (its name is derived from the Latin word "vallum") is renowned for its most popular beach, the Zlatni Rat ("Golden cape"). It is a promontory composed mostly of pebble rock that visibly shifts with the tidal movement. The Adriatic Sea water at Zlatni Rat is clear and somewhat cold, due to the strong current of the strait it is situated in. There is a beach on either side of the horn. Bol itself is a popular tourist destination, known for its harborside bars and restaurants, and wind surfing conditions.

End of Part Two
To be continued...


  1. Excellent photographs that made me want to hop on a plane.

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  4. You have found another fine place to tour. As usual, you take stunning photos. BTW, thank you for your kind comments on my post today.

  5. Schön. Heuer sind wir nicht am Meer, voriges Jahr auch nicht (Meer bedeutet bei mir Mittelmeer und hauptsächlich Griechenland). So ein Badeurlaub fehlt mir shcon sehr, wir wollennächstes jahr einen machen.
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