Friday, December 7, 2018

Christmas Decor at Home 2018 Edition

The Christmas Season has officially started, so the house has to reflect this warm and cozy time of year as well. I love this time of the year. When the nights are cold and dark, the perfect way to beat that is the warmth and comfort of home. I have decorated my tree in the usual red and gold combination, which I quite like, though it's a very traditional look. It's not overly festive or crowded, but I do love the way the tree looks like in the end. Beni is of course ready to pose for a few festive photos. He has learned to pose for the camera over the years, and I think this years Christmas photo looks really neat. What do you think?

Have you decorated your home yet?
What is the early Christmas season looking like in your corner of the world?


  1. Lovely decorations. Most people here wait until a couple of weeks before Christmas - then it's like competition time!!

    1. I like to enjoy the quiet time before :)

  2. You are way ahead of us in preparation for Christmas. You have a fine looking tree.

  3. Your tree looks lovely. One can never go wrong with red and gold at Christmas time.

  4. The tree is beautiful. I love that close-up of the golden ornament. And, of course, Beni enhances every photo he's in.

  5. So beautiful , Lovely Beni:)

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