Wednesday, January 23, 2019

Winter Getaway [Part 1/3]: Snow in the Mountains

When winter rolls around, especially when snow is involved, getting out of the house becomes an issue. Taking trips even a bigger one. But despite the cold, a few brave ones and two dogs marched on towards the nearby mountains. I have shown our mountain cottage a few times on this blog, but I don't think I did a proper snowy winter photo series. In these three parts I will show you around the cottage, a few new spots, we will venture out into the dark and ultimately escape out of it for a morning mountain walk. I hope you will enjoy the photos and stories. By the way, these images were taken with my iPhone XS Max and not the usual Canon 6D, so the quality will be a bit different, but I think you will still be able to enjoy it.

This is only a part of a multi-part photo series:
Part One: Snow in the Mountains
Part Two: Dark was the Night
Part Three: A Morning Walk

Snow was already falling as we arrived in the mountains and as the day wore on it only became worse. After we unpacked and settled in, we let the dogs out to play. I took the time to take some lonesome images of the surroundings. All of these familiar locations look somehow very different when snow covers them.

Beni was in full action mode, so the snow didn't do much to slow him down. It was only on us to keep the playtime regulated so that the dogs didn't freeze to much outside. Beni is now in his 10th year, and I still can't believe how active and agile he is. Sometimes I think he runs on batteries, because when it come to jumping around he is always on!

Many of the surrounding houses weren't visited by anybody, so we got to roam around freely and just simply take it all in. On the first day we didn't venture out too far, because of the snow that kept on falling. It was wet snow, so after a while you had to go back in and dry up. Luckily for us our Iceland proven clothing kept us warm. The adventurous spirit kept us going so we eventually found a new location I didn't have chance to photograph before.

Though not far from the house (you can see the close distance in the photo above), the little patch of woods (that you can see in the next photo) was previously not visited by me. The spooky table with the chairs immediately caught my attention. Here we were shielded from the snowfall, because of the surrounding trees.

In the end we made it back to the house and dried up. It was time for lunch, but this wasn't our last outing for the day. As night drew close, the location in the next photo would be visited again, but this time it would all look a lot different...

End of Part One
To be continued...


  1. Beni looks like he's having so much fun in the snow. You'd never guess his age. Beautiful snow scenes.

  2. festive flakes...the snow is absolutely gorgeous, as are your pictures!!!

  3. Fascinating pictures. Snow does make the whole landscape look different, yet very beautiful.

  4. Beautiful snow scenes Mersad!! And Beni looks so happy!

  5. Very beautiful images Mersad and I see Beni is having a ball.

  6. Cute picture of Jasmina! All of the pictures are great--- just enough snow to be beautiful, and not so much as to be a nuisance.



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