Friday, January 25, 2019

Winter Getaway [Part 2/3]: Dark was the Night

In part one I showed you the surroundings of our mountain cottage at day, but as dusk and eventually night drew close, everything started to change. You really get a different sense of the same space when darkness closes in. It was freezing cold when I went outside to take these. The dogs went outisde for one more play date, and were brought in again. I stayed a little bit longer outside and I hope you will enjoy these night time shots. Some of them were previewed in this weeks "Through My Lens", but here is the complete set.

This is only a part of a multi-part photo series:
Part One: Snow in the Mountains
Part Two: Dark was the Night
Part Three: A Morning Walk

Shown above is Div and his feline friend. The cat visits regularly and they have become great friends over the years. During the cold winter months, the cat sleeps with him in his dog house. They are really cute together. And hey, they have to keep warm somehow don't they?

Once the dogs were inside and taken care of, I made the trip outside again. I took advantage of the few light poles that were dotted outside in the field. For the next shot I climbed between the tree branches and positioned the light source right out of the frame. It gave a nice chilly effect.

Dinner time grew close and we had a real country meal. It's called izljevaca/uzljevaca. Imagine a big hash brown, but baked in the oven. Topped with all sorts of cheeses in the end. It's really delicious. The fire kept as warm all night, even after it went out. The house really keeps the heat in nicely.

Then I went for a further walk towards the small bridge and river. I still kept the light sources out of frame trying to position them behind the trees, trying to find interesting angles and showcasing the beauty of the snowy night.

End of Part Two
To be continued...


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