Monday, February 6, 2012


We had a huge snowstorm two days ago. This picture here was taken right after I woke up. You can imagine my surprise when I saw that our little passage to the main street was completely covered in snow. And not just knee-depp snow. I couldn't see the cars, and barely the houses behind our neighbors. Today the storm stopped for a moment, but they have already announced new downfalls for tomorrow.

I have so many new photos now, of my city in the snow, and people trying to get by. You'll see more from that in the upcoming posts.


  1. Wow, this must be unusual for you? I hope you're not too cold! We're having cold weather and snow too but around where I live not all that extreme.

  2. We have been enjoying a spring like winter. But we DESERVE it after the past few winters we have had. Enjoy your photo ops!

  3. We here in the States are having an extremely mild winter while you in Europe are getting dumped on!

  4. It got worse here. Power went out. Will post more as soon as we're back up. Posting this from my 3G network.


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