Friday, March 18, 2016

Camera Test with the new Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge

So I had the luck of getting one of the first new Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge phone that came out recently. While you will find many reviews for the phone itself online, I wanted to share some of the camera features, and see how good the pictures are. The phone really does offer many perks when it comes to photography, and even goes into pro territory. Let's see how it fares with some example images.

I tested the camera on the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge at sunset in our yard, and these are the full resolution, 12 megapixel (4032x3024) unedited images.

Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Camera Features

The Camera gives you a nice overview of the features. There is the Auto option, which is on by default and is the most commonly used feature. It automatically adjusts white balance, ISO, Auto Focus and such and you can just point and shoot. The Pro option gives you more control over those aspects (see other screenshot below). The Selective focus option gives you a multiple layer shot, from which you can switch between far and close points, that get selectively focused. The Panorama option is pretty self explanatory, but it has to be noted that it's very easy to use. Video collage is not a picture feature, but rather a video feature. You can shoot 4 videos and the app edits them into a collage. It's fun but rather gimmicky and not really useful. Live Broadcast is connected to your YouTube account, and let's you set up a live stream. Slow Motion is great and another video feature. I posted a short slow motion video on my Facebook profile, click below to view it. Virtual shot is another gimmicky feature, this time you can walk around an object (keeping the object in center) and the app creates a 3D view of it. Food is a special mode just for food shots. It blurs out parts of the image, while giving a small circle that is in focus, so you can frame the part that has to be in focus inside of it. In the end Hyperlapse gives you the ability to shoot a scene for a long time, and then the app shortens it into a fast video. The opposite of the slow motion mode.


Slow Motion Video Test with the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge:

Beni Attack!
Posted by Mersad Đonko on Saturday, March 12, 2016


Pro Features of the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Camera:

As written before, the Pro Camera Mode of the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge gives you great control over white balance, aperture, ISO, and exposure. You can set up multiple focus points, and save presets and that are useful to you, so that you don't have to manually enter the data into the app again later. When used correctly this can give you great creative freedom over phone photography. When it comes to pro features of the S7 I also have to add the video stabilization. It works really well, not only for images to avoid blurred images, but also when taking video. you can move around and capture video and the footage will always be nice and smooth. This will definitely come in handy on my next vacation.

Front Camera

I have to say that the front camera is really great and produces some nice images and selfies. It has a digital blur integrated into the software, which compensates for the grain that front cameras usually produce. Here is an example image of me and Beni taken with the front camera. I chose a spot where to light wasn't that great to show you what images you get in regular conditions.

Example images from the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Camera

Here are a few images taken at full resolution with the main camera. As I said previously, these are unedited and raw files, for you to see and compare.


The Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge gives us a really great camera, both front and back, which yields some great photography with pro options as well as fun gimmicky ones. The pictures are clear, vibrant an crisp and the video footage, smooth and in full HD. Of course it can't replace my Canon 6D dslr, but it can offer great results on the go, and even on travels and trips. I can see using the video stabilization option in my next travel documentary. I hope these example images and my review are of use to you if you are thinking about getting the Galaxy S7.


  1. Excellent and much more than a toy.
    It's not for me as I enjoy the editing as much as the capture but it appears to do a reasonable job.
    Can you show a bit more video taken in good light as this looks a bit soft and lacking contrast. Nothing that can't be sorted but it may be difficult to salvage without duplicating it pushing contrast on one layer and exposure on another.. For the slow motion is it shooting at 60fps or is it adding frames?
    A grand machine and no doubt you can talk to people on it as well.

    1. The video was taken at night in our house, and I played with the filters. It's really not meant to show the quality of the video, just the look of the slow motion. It does shoot in 60fps at 720p. Will do a video test as well.

  2. These were nice shots - the camera seemed to perform well.
    I hope you'll come by to share your photos!

    1. I'm happy so far with it. Of course the rest of the phone is nice as well. Thanks for stopping by Sue.

  3. Das sind wunderbare Fotos mit dem neuen Samsung.
    Liebe Grüße

  4. Wow - it's amazing how good the phone cameras have become!

  5. wow, these are awesome, what a phone/camera. love the video of Beni and your nose to nose selfie shot... now you will never be without a camera.

  6. It's the photographer not the camera/phone.

    Worth a Thousand Words

  7. It looks like a very nice phone for a camera. I have an HTC Eye and it has great features as well.

  8. I've seen that phone/camera advertised. I thought it looked really nice. I have an iPhone 5s, but rarely use the camera. I'm sure it has been greatly improved in the newer models. You took some nice photos!

  9. Now, I want one, Mersad! :) I can't get over how clean and sharp the images are. Nicely shared!!

  10. Hi Mersad,

    das ist ein interessanter Beitrag. Aber ich für mich nutze meine Handy-Cam wirklich nie. Warum eigentlicH ??

    Irgendwie ist das wohl für mich nicht dasselbe wie eine "richtige" Kamera.

    Egal, ich wünsche Dir ein tolles WE !

    Grüße aus Berlin
    Timur von

  11. Very professional post ~ favorite photo is your 'fur person' with the head tilt ~ priceless!

    Happy Weekend to you ~ ^_^

  12. Very impressive, Mersad. They should consider having you do a commercial for them. :)

  13. All the camera most folks would ever need. Amazingly better than consumer oriented cameras of the past. You did a nice job of showing it off.

  14. If Samsung is trying to impress us then it has succeeded. Wow to the quality of these photos. Good on you to have tried it. Nice for sharing your review.

  15. Very good quality photos for a phone camera. But Samsung has worked a lot on their camera quality for many years. Too bad they're still with Android OS.

  16. Sweet. I have a 6s and I can't believe the differences. Thanks for the review.

  17. Nice to read your review :)

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