Monday, October 17, 2016

In Close-Up [Through My Lens Nr. 64]

When you look closer there is more to see. Though one could argue that taking a look at the bigger picture is much more fruitful, the sights of life are much more interesting when inspected a bit closer. Nature is the perfect example. Sights like little flowers, grass growing and buds on trees would go unnoticed often times if it weren't for a close up shot. So in that sense let us enjoy life from a closer perspective. Thank you all for visiting and linking in! Have a great week!

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  1. ich hätte exakt mit dem gleichen satz meinen post beginnen können :-)
    wundervolle aufnahmen !!!
    lg anja

    1. Ja stimmt :) Deine Posts sind immer voll mit tollen Makros.

  2. Such beautiful flowers! Thank you for hosting.

  3. Lieber Mersad,

    der erste Satz ist so wahr und so richtig!
    Er passt wirklich zu allen Bereichen des Lebens :)

    Herzliche Grüße

  4. So beautiful.
    Have a nice week ahead.

  5. Hi Mersad, when I stumbled across your link up I just couldn't help but join in. Any excuse to share a photo or ten. I love your close ups. Particularly the second one down.

    I will pop your linky badge into my side bar and will be back to browse later.

    Thank you for hosting.

  6. Hallo Mersad,
    Beautiful flowers, I love this variety.
    Thanks for sharing.
    Greetings from Germany

  7. You are so right, Mersad ... so often we fail to see what is right before our eyes. Thank you for the reminder and for your beautiful shots of the littlies in our life:)

    Andrea @ From the Sol

  8. Superb captures, Mersad! Thanks for hosting and have a great week! Pozdrav :)

  9. So many beautiful finds this week!

  10. Love your beautiful close up photos. Now a days I am tending toward that as well. Thank you for hosting!


  11. Delightful autumn beauty on your side of the world too Mersad.

  12. Love that first photo of the purple flowers!

  13. Beautiful photo of one of my favourite things... flowers and plants.
    Your words are so true... since I started using my camera I look at things completely differently now. I see so many things that I may have missed.
    Thank you for continuing to inspire and to host this great link.
    I hope you have a great week

  14. I love wildflower and macro photography. Sometimes I don't see things on the plants until I get home and download them to my computer. It is a fascinating world. Have a fabulous week and thank you again for the link up.

  15. Love the macro shots with the blurred out background. Just beautiful.

  16. *Wenn man genauer hinsieht, gibt es mehr zu sehen.*
    Ganz genauso sehe ich das auch, Mersad!
    Deine Herbstbilder ist wunderschön! Mein Favorit ist das erste mit den Herbstastern!
    Auch dir eine wundervolle Woche
    Viele Grüße, Gabi

  17. These photos are all lovely, but that second one captures the beauty of the season perfectly in my opinion!

  18. i agree that nature has it's vary beauty in each big or tiny thing and i really enjoy looking at the blooming little flowers that grow all by themselves as saying to all

    that hi though you did not call us but see we are here to give you a friendly smile of nature

  19. Gorgeous shots! I am looking forward to joining in again as I start taking photos again...on our trip as we head up to Oregon, and once we arrive!



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