Sunday, August 29, 2010

Inside the Woods (Part Three)

Dark Forest Panorama
(click on the image for full view)

The goal was to create a very dark and spooky black and white image of the deep forest. The small road is actually cut of by the river. The stones you see at the bottom are part of the river bed. I didn't cut them out on purpose because they add a lot to the atmosphere. It seems like the ground is literally breaking apart, adding to the sense of danger.
This part of the forest was indeed scary. Just you and nature. The only sounds were birds and the stream of water. The small path actually leads to the spring of the river.

Holding the tripod in this area was also a problem. Not a lot of space and not much stability. But here it is. The image turned out ok after all. It was an exhausting trip. In the next and final post, I'll show you the rest of the images that were taken. They include more of the river, a view from the river spring and more green forest.


  1. I like it in B&W. Adds to the mystery.

  2. Hi Mersad, been away so catching up. Love the mono image adds mystery and suspense methinks. Great Image.

  3. Thank you Rebecca and Picturit. I am glad you like it.

  4. very nice shot mersad! love the feel!

  5. It does indeed look like a dark and foreboding forest.

  6. Nice B&W shot. Gives a good atmosphere.

  7. Thank you both. I think I'll post the color version in the next post too.


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