Friday, August 27, 2010

Inside the Woods (Part One)

In this new series I will be exploring the theme "Inside the woods". A close-up look at a local forest near our house in the mountains. It's a path along a small river which leads you eventually to the most beautiful and secluded places you have ever seen. I don't know if the images in this series can ever really capture the intensity of the nature and the feeling of being part of it.

It's intimidating to be in the presence of such greatness. A wast and big power reaching from above and making you realise how small you are. How everything changes in this space. Hopefully you will like them. I will post the images in parts so that there is no crowding in one post.




  1. Great pictures, M. Are there critters in those woods?

  2. Yes there are. But I haven't encountered them.

  3. lovely photos Mersad especially like the mono.

  4. I love walking in the woods and find myself with similar feelings, senses, as you've described. I look forward to walking through your photos, Mersad :)

  5. It's a good feeling, walking around surrounded by living things. Your shots are great!

  6. Thank you everybody. I will be posting part two later in the day.

  7. Nice one Mersad.........



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