Monday, August 2, 2010


Kula Zakerjan (Zakerjan tower), is also named Berim Tower. It stands on the north of Korcula Town. The tower was built between 1481 and 1483 under rule of Giovanni Mocenigo who was doge of Venice from 1478 to 1485. 

The Zakerjan tower is shaped like half-cylinder and has similar crenellation - the distinctive pattern that framed the top of the walls of this medieval tower. On the North side of the tower, facing Peljesac Channel, there is Venetian coat of Arms of Governor Viaro and Doge Mocenigo. On the South side, facing Korcula Town , above the arch, there is Tiepolo Coat of Arms. 

The tower was built by workshop of Marko Andrijic, the local stonemason . Nowadays, Zakrjan Tower houses popular Massimo Bar that serves drinks on the top of tower's terrace.

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