Sunday, January 23, 2011

I got the Stylish Blogger Award...and now will you!

I woke up this morning and saw a comment on my last image, in which Doreen from "My Reflections As I Shutter Along" informed me that I got the Stylish Blogger Award. I was very surprised and honored that she choose me. Thanks again for that Doreen! If you don't know her blog make sure to check it out. She has some great stuff on it and a great eye for photography. My task now is to give this award to other people. Bloggers I like and think deserve this. I can only give out 15, even though I follow many great blogs (In that regard, check out my blog roll! All great blogs). I also have to say 7 things about myself. 

There are four steps to follow that come along with this award.
1. Thank and link back to the person who awarded you.
2. Share 7 things about yourself.
3. Award 15 recently discovered great bloggers. (Although I will be bending this rule to all blogs i follow)
4. Contact these bloggers and tell them about the award.

Here are the blogs I give this award to:  

Without Heather my blog wouldn't be as stylish as it is now. :) She is always available for handing me tips and tricks on design and code. Her blog is always a treasure chest of images and stories I like to read. 

Really talented photographer! She knows how to make a frame interesting, how to play with colors and how to present her images in the best way possible. I love visiting her blog and checking out her latest work.

Really great images from Sunny. You can feel the authenticity and real life behind them, which I always like. Her other blog worth mentioning is "Life with Lucy". Really cute blog for those who love dogs!

Another blog from the heart of America and real life experiences.  You can feel the love for stories and photography in every post, and that's why i like the blog so much.

The second picture blog from Monica. I love Northern Europe, and her images from the south-west of Sweden are really good. From the collages to stand alone pictures.

Another blogger from Texas. She has some great images on there and stories to go with it. Definitely worth checking out.  

Great photography skills and knowledge with Photoshop and HDR Techniques. Always great images and tutorials on here.

Sport photography is the hardest of them all, and this guy really knows his way around them.

This is a really great blog from someone who knows how to make great photos and has good technical knowledge of the craft. Very interesting to watch and get lost in.

As the title says, it's a mixture of life stories and pictures. But I had to give this to him just for the latest muffin post! :D

11. The Nature 
Great photographer from Dubai. Awesome work up here!

Among my first followers.  Julie is very talented and has a great eye for composition and texture. She is from Colorado and her images are very inspiring.

I love the sea and beaches and this blog is about the Long Island beach line and city life. From historical stories to present time imagery there is always something to find up here.

A professional photographer from South Carolina. This is one of the first blogs i discovered and I still love watching what he does. Amazing work. You will definitely be stunned by these images.

Amazing work with HDR and effects. Images grabbed from life and presented in a way that is seems that they will pop out at you. 

And now 7 Things about me you may or may not know...

1. I love to travel. As much as I can afford and as far as I can go. Experiencing new cultures, habits and lifestyles is what it's all about.

2. I have made 2 documentaries that were shown localy.

3. I never thought I would have a dog, but two years ago we bought one. (Beni; more of him in the pages bar on top)

4. I have finished law school in December of 2010. 

5. My DVD and BluRay Collection is over 1500 by now... :)

6. Love to cock. From sweet to sour, I love making stuff. Inspiration is Nigella Lawson.

7. My favorite hobby, besides photography  is video editing, writing and directing.

OK, now i have to inform all the winners and rest my fingers after the longest post i have ever written! :D


  1. Thanks so much! I look forward to checking out the other bloggers above that I do not know.

  2. Mersad....thank you so much for the mention and I agree 100% with your other choices...they all have great blogs and show great talent behind the camera. There are a couple that you list that I am not familair with and I will be definitely checking them out.


  3. Thank you very much! I am honored that you like my Colorado photography! Thanks again for following my work.

    Julie Magers Soulen Photography

  4. @ Dan and Julie: You are both welcome. Thank you for responding to this and for all the work you have posted on your blogs!

  5. Thank you Mersad, I feel really honoured.

  6. Mersad, I'm humbled and so appreciative for your words, the placement in your goodness. You are SO sweet. Thank you for this encouragement :)

    You know what, I knew most of your top seven from visiting your blog and observing through what you share here....except the "law school" part. How have I missed that? I didn't even know.

    Again, thank you. Your photography and the ways that you share your eye view with us all is inspiring, Mersad.

  7. Thank you for that comment Heather. Means a lot! All the best.

  8. nice to know more about you Mersad. I am very impressed. #2 and #4!!

  9. Thank you for this award and your kind words. I will post about it shortly.
    ☼ Sunny

  10. Thanks Doreen! You're welcome Sunny.

  11. Thanks for the award, Mersad! I am honored :D Thats really cool about #2 on your list by the way!

  12. Thanks Jackson!! You're welcome!

  13. Mersad,

    Thank you so much for this honor! I looked at the blogs I'm not familiar with that you have here, and am truly honored that you included me in the list! :)

    Sorry it took me so long to respond, it's been a little crazy, but I'll be sure to pass this on, and post about it too. :)

    You have quite the list of, lawyer,!

  14. Hahah... when you list it like that it seems very strange and somehow it does... :D

  15. Hi Mersad,

    Thank you very much for such a recognition from a fellow photographer, Im truly excited and humbled with this award.

    Thank you again for your continued encouragement.

    Best Regards,

  16. You completely deserve it. All the best!

  17. Thanks Mersad I am truly honoured that you considered me for this award. There are some great sites including in the list and to be one of them is very special. Regards Kev

  18. Thanks, Mersad, for including me among a list of very talented photographers. I can't wait to check out anything that you consider a great blog! Happy blogging!

  19. Thanks Mersad, been so behind with the blog I didn't notice the comment until today.



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