Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Kaleidoscope reflection in the Schönbrunn Gardens, Vienna

I think this is the first image I'm not putting my stamp on, because my sister took it. It was taken in the Schönbrunn Gardens in Vienna. They have a kaleidoscope inside one of the labyrinths, which allows you to make trick photos like this one.


  1. Your sister is the prettiest thing in the photo but it is a nice kaleidoscope shot of the greenery also.

    Have a wonderful day, Mersad.

  2. Thanks for your comment Pam. Have a nice day too!

  3. Not easy to make out what's what in the background here! :)

  4. It's basically the labyrinth hedge. There are three mirrors in front of her. One centered and the left and right ones bent respectively. So your are seeing three parts of the labyrinth which creates the frenzy.

  5. Nice photograph. It's so green there. I love winter but it made excited for Spring.

  6. It's very green, I agree. And this was in October 2010. They are really taking care of this place.



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