Monday, May 23, 2011

Black and White Dreams (Part Three)

I called the series Black and White Dreams since it's just random b/w imagery like in a dream where your mind flashes from one scene to another. Unconnected places that somehow, subconsciously, awake feelings or memories.


  1. Another great set of B+W images Love the light on the second but can't pick a fav as they all have so much to offer in their own right

  2. Very fine series - but where are we?

  3. You mean location wise? Actually that's why i called it black and white dreams since it's just b/w imagery like a dream where it flashes from one scene to another. Unconnected places.

    But if you wish to know the real location here goes. The hill was taken in Domanovici, near Mostar in Bosnia and Herzegovina. And the last two on Lokrum, a small island near Dubrovnik in Croatia.

  4. Maybe I should put this description in the post itself :D



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