Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Taking the good with the bad

I will have to admit, summer is not my favorite season. Even though I live in an area where summer is the dominant season and even though I was born in June, I have never looked forward to it. Usually I connect it with summer breaks and have thus accepted it so far. But, on the other side I also believe that no season should go by without us giving it some of our attention.

Summer does have a few perks that keep it above other seasons though. The summer sea is quite a view and a still summer afternoon can have its charms (like in the image above). I love the light summer food, fish, salads, but also ice cream, which seems to taste better on a hot summer day. Then there are the summer nights. I have posted a few summer night images before, and each one has one thing in common: magic. There does seem to be magic in the air at night. Something in that cloudless sky that brings the stars out, that makes the nightlife vivid and poetic. Sure, one could argue that a winter’s night has more magic, but I’d say summer can definitely hold its own.

In the end, we should always take the good with the bad, not dismiss it, not urge for it to be over. Because, as much as I love autumn, desperately waiting for it would also mean, wishing for time to fly away and to me it’s one of the worst things you could wish for. We’re all here for a blink of an eye.


  1. I suppose your summer is longer and hotter than ours. Actually early autumn is probably my favourite time of the year too - but then there is winter ahead and I don't like winter. So therefore I don't wish the summer to be over too quickly either. This year we've also had a rather cool summer on the whole - no long heat waves. The beginning of August so far has been more 'summery' than all of July.

  2. We have very long hot summers here in South Europe. :D I guess you in the north will have a different opinion on this :D



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