Sunday, February 12, 2012

The Snow (Part Four)

It is still snowing, so what you'll see in the images that follow is still not up-to-date. I have taken some new images this morning which I'll post once I have processed them. For now here are more images from the city, and also later on, some stills from our house.

Mr. Snowman's fate:

Some impressions from our front yard.


  1. I am very pleased to have found your photography site. Your photos are wonderful! I especially like your snowman photo today, well done.

    John and Ellen

  2. These are beautiful photos Mersad. I love the snowman.

  3. @John and Ellen: Thank you. Following your blog now too!

  4. @Rebecca: Thanks. The snowman is no more, right now, I'm afraid :)

  5. Replies
    1. Yeah, that one turned out quite well. Wasn't so nice to clean up all that snow later :D Thanks.

  6. Very nice - but my favorite is the Snowman!

    1. The snowman was built on the second day of snowfall when everything still seemed innocent. But then as the snow kept on falling it wasn't that much fun at all :D Now I look back at it with a smile on my face, though.



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