Tuesday, May 22, 2012

How to Create a Backlit Portrait

As the sun was barely holding on to the sky we decided to make the best of it. In order to have the face lit properly this time we used aluminum foil wrapped around a big board, that we held in front of her face. That way you don't lose detail in the face, and still get the gorgeous orange glow behind her. And on top of that it's a very cheap method with maximum effect.


  1. Very nice, Mersad. Smart man you are with the tinfoil! I grabbed one of the large round reflector/diffusers that you can find through amazon...they are handy for offering myself as a professional.

  2. stunning! I love the idea...

  3. @Heather: Yeah, those are also good, especially if you're doing it for a client, then you'll need it. Also it's easier to carry around!

  4. @Rohu: Thank you. I love coming up with creative ways to play with light.


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