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Alternative Border Crossings in the south between Bosnia and Herzegovina and Croatia

The summer season brings with it a lot of tourists and the streets can get very crowded, especially the border crossings between Bosnia and Herzegovina and Croatia, here in the south of the country. There are two main border crossings, most tourists know about (Doljani Border Crossing and Bijaca Border Crossing), but there are alternative crossings as well, which will get you past the crowds and easier into the other country. Those other ones are mostly used by locals, so I hope to share these with you here, in case you ever get to visit. They will save you a lot of time in the busy summer season. 

These Alternative Border Crossings in the south between Bosnia and Herzegovina and Croatia help you get out and into the country no matter if you are westbound for Split, Zadar, Rijeka and Zagreb or east bound for Dubrovnik, Budva, Durres and Greece. I do have to give a disclaimer here as well. Of course Alternative Border Crossings can get crowded as well, but these here are usually lower with traffic, especially when compared with the main

Alternative Border Crossings in the south between Bosnia and Herzegovina and Croatia

1. Gabela Polje Border Crossing

This is the most well known one from the four I will mention here. But still in the early and late summer season there are fewer cars here. The Gabela Polje Border Crossing runs along the busiest Border Crossing in the region: the Doljani Border Crossing in Metkovic. To get to the Gabela Polje Border Crossing from Bosnia and Herzegovina, crossing into Croatia, look for the sign to Gabela Polje on the right side of the main M-17 road after you have passed Capljina, and have a map or GPS with you, but it only takes 10 minutes to get there. In order to get to Bosnia and Herzegovina from Croatia, make sure to cross the last car bridge in Metkovic on your left side and follow along the signs. The Gabela Polje Border Crossing is in the city itself, so you can't miss it.
Best for westbound travel.

2. Zvirici Border Crossing

This is probably the best kept secret, when it comes to Border Crossings between Bosnia and Herzegovina and Croatia. The funny thing is, most people get so close to Zvirici Border Crossing, but never actually cross it. It's located only 5 km (3 miles) east from the big Bijaca Border Crossing. There are hardly any cars here and getting through is just a matter of moments. You exit in the small town of Prud, but you are only a few miles away from Metkovic.
Best for westbound travel.

3. Cepikuce Border Crossing

Another long kept secret hides in the hills of southeast Bosnia and Herzegovina. It's the Cepikuce Border Crossing. From Mostar, for example you take the road towards Stolac, from there you go towards Ljubinje, and then towards the town of Ravno. There is a newly paved road from Ravno, and the Border Crossing is perfect if you are eastbound for Dubrovnik. Make sure to drive carefully when you enter Croatia, since you will be driving part of the road on a one track lane after you pass the border. But that's only for a couple of miles, and they are making a new road there so this might not even be a problem by the time you travel there. You exit just outside of the town Slano on the Adriatic Coast. This is really the best Border Crossing for eastbound journeys, because it avoids the city of Neum. You can use the others for travels east but be prepared for two border crossings and longer journey.
Best for eastbound travel.

4. Orahovlje Border Crossing

Orahovlje Border Crossing lies west from the city of Ljubuski in Bosnia and Hercegovina. You navigate the road through the city of Ljubuski towards Grude, but you make a left turn after you pass the shopping mall Namex outside Ljubuski. From there the road takes you to the Orahovlje Border Crossing, which then takes you to the Croatian town of Vrgorac. From there you can enter the highway west for Split or go down to the Adriatic Coastline for a more scenic drive.
Best for westbound travel.

What you are avoiding:

By using these Alternative Border Crossings you will be avoiding the major ones in this region. They are the Doljani Border Crossing on the M-17 route in Metkovic and the Bijaca Border Crossing on the A1 highway. While Bijaca is actually functional during the work week and in the early and late summer season, Doljani Border Crossing is usually very busy and you can spend up to two hours in line waiting.

Places you can visit that are close to these borders:

Bosnia and Herzegovina


Neum, Bosnia and Herzegovina

I hope all of these tips will be useful for the travelers in the busy summer season.


  1. Although i may never need this info it is marvellous for those that do and might make their holiday easier. Love the night shot at the end Mersad

    1. Thank you. I know it's very specific information, but it will be of use to travelers here since the crowds at the border crossings do become a problem.

  2. wonderful photo's again Mersad.. You live in a beautiful country, I think.
    Maybe someday I will see it for myself.

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    Have a ♥-warming AbC-day / -week
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  3. This is great information and I will keep it in mind when we start expanding our travels on your side of 'the pond'.

  4. Such helpful information for travelers! Loved the photo, too.

  5. Very interesting. And that last shot is stunning.
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  6. Is there an E hiding somewhere in your story? or did i miss it?
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  7. I don't think I'll ever get that far, but your tips are great for the people that do.

  8. Love your new header! Don't know why, but the idea of going to Bosnia just sounds scary to me! Lovely though!

  9. This is good information. I didn't realise there were so many crossings available for car traffic between the countries.

  10. The road less traveled!

  11. Great information. I must save this if I ever get the chance to come to this area of the world. Thanks!

    abcw team

  12. They have actually published a map showing intl and local crossing points. Not sure how up to date, as it's been made with Flash, but at least in this area I'd expect border to rather open with time, not close ...



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