Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Lunch at Restaurant Viva in Posusje

Last Sunday my friends and I made a one hour road trip to a nearby town called Posusje, in order to have lunch at the newly opened restaurant called Viva. We arrived around 1 in the afternoon. Since it was midday on a Sunday, there weren't as many people on the streets. Posusje is a small town, and doesn't really offer much. It's mostly visited by travelers coming in north from the Blidinje Nature Resort or visiting from the west, where Croatia and the city of Split are. I was aware of this new restaurant because it was renovated and designed by the architect who did our houses, but we also know the head chef Suzana, who we wanted to surprise on that day. I hope you will enjoy these images and the food as well.

Inside of the restaurant you will be immediately surprised by the new and modern design, attention to details, colors, soft light and comfortable seating. The plates are made out of clay and are stamped and made special for the restaurant. The menu features pizzas out of a modern oven (mix of wood oven and gas), meats, fish, appetizers, sides and lots more.

We ate the rolled chicken breast filled with pecans and wrapped in bacon, with a blue cheese cream sauce. On the side we had baked potatoes, a potato souffle and asian-style zucchini. It goes without saying that the food was beyond delicious. Before the main meal they serve bread and two kinds of spreads, and with the entree you get fresh home made bread and rolls.

After our main meal I want to the upper balcony of the restaurant where the modern features of the design were prominent as well. But I had to return to the table because our desert waited for us. It's a lava cake with ice cream and a red berry sauce.

Of course the main draw is the cutting of the lave cake and the ensuing river of white and milk chocolate. The desert is served warm, with some cold ice cream on the side to cut it and give contrast. The cupcake itself is moist and vanilla flavored, with a great crust. We really enjoyed desert.

We returned home later that day, and I managed to snap a photo of the plains and mountains of west Bosnia and Herzegovina. There are few places in these regions, but some great views. We had a fun and delicious day in Posusje.


  1. Looks like a nice place to eat. Hope they get more business. A lot of tables were empty when you were there.

  2. I prefer frumpy hole-in-the-walls, personally. I love that last skyscape.

  3. It looks like a beautiful location.
    Nice to have you stop by this week to share your photos with us!

  4. LOVE the décor in this new restaurant. truly a beautiful place. number 4 photo is my favorite, and the 11 and 12 my next favorites. the food shots are AWESOME but then your food shots always ARE

  5. Ahh that food looks amazing


  6. The food looks spectacular! Sadly don't get out enought to go to nice restaurants!

  7. You're killing me!!!!! I wish we had a place like that!

  8. Mouth watering, all of them, looks real delicious. And i noticed something Mersad, you have beautiful fingers, hehehe.

  9. wow beautiful Restaurant. Yummy lave cake :)
    Awesome photos.

  10. Modern und dennoch gemütlich. Das mag ich auch und das Essen sieht vorzüglich aus.

    Liebe Grüsse


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