Wednesday, October 24, 2018

Fall in Bosnia [Part 2/3]: Kukavicko Lake

In part two of our Fall in Bosnia travel series we will venture out further north to Kukavicko lake, which is a natural lake near the small town of Kupres. It's a glacial lake, situated on the South-East part of the Kupresko field on 1200m altitude. It was named by the village Kukavice which is about 0,5 km far from the lake. In the lake you can find trout, red crab and the river crab. It's a popular summer getaway, where the fresh clear water gives much needed coolness, but in the fall it's a colorful extravaganza.
This is part one of a three part road trip series:

The lake is totally of the beaten path. There is a sign on the main road in Kupres which shows you to drive east. The drive is simple. Just go straight until you get to the sign shown in the second image. There is no parking, nothing to show you where to go. There is a path though, that takes you through the woods, and at the end of it you are greeted by the crystal clear lake.

As I marched down to the shore of the lake I was in full awe of the autumn colors that were surrounding me. But what struck me first, was the calm. It was absolutely still here. Sure, I just arrived as the sun started to set, so there weren't any people here in the woods. Fall was in full bloom this past weekend and I really got to enjoy it and capture the best of it. At the lake, there was a variety of trees, all with different shades of orange, yellow and red. Fall at its best.

I really loved the reflections, captured in the water. This is not a spot you will find on a lot of tourist maps or guides. It's a local secret, and rightly so. This lake knows how to charm you and draw you in and while it's perfect for a getaway, there is not that much space here for huge crowds. That's why it has to remain a bit of a mystery or at least only locally known. Maybe after these images it won't stay that way though.

Our road trip had to continue. It would take us towards Banja Luka and on our way back we did get to see even more amazing fall sights from the north.

End of Part Two
To be continued...


  1. Similar places here--- Color still around, but the leaves are falling. And we're expecting a few days of rain which will knock some more off. Great pictures, as always, Mersad.

    1. We have had strong winds since the past weekend. It should take care of the rest of the leaves before November rolls around.

  2. Just awesome. Fantastic clicks

  3. Absolutely breathtaking !!! Would make awesome postcards. Linda-USA-Tn.

  4. Nice reflections in your first photo!

    1. I had that still lake and it worked like a charm.

  5. Hello Mersad,

    Wonderful photos of the colors of autumn. The photos are so beautiful.
    Have a nice week.

  6. WoW!! gorgeous autumn colors. it is my favorite season and very most favorite time of year!!

  7. Absolutely beautiful scenes.

  8. Beautiful. I love the yellow in the trees.

  9. Gorgeous fall colors! Ours started late; saw the first colorful leaves yesterday.

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  12. Unbelievably beautiful Mersad and how lucky were you to have it all to yourself, spectacular images of autumn colour 🍁

  13. Your images are so beautiful, full of the glory of fall. That first one, with the beautiful reflection, is wonderful.

  14. Fall at a lake...better is not possible. Like a dream with all the colors.

    Thanks for sharing these beauty.

    Greetings and a good start into the weekend


  15. Wow, Mersad, du hast einen Traumort gefunden, wie in einem Märchen. Ich finde jeddes Jahr keine so richtig schöne farbige Wälder, so fehlen jedes Jahr mir diese bunte Laubfotos.
    Wirklich wunderschön!!!
    Liebe Grüße

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