Sunday, October 28, 2018

Fall in Bosnia [Part 3/3]: In the North

The last part of our road trip through fall colored Bosnia and Herzegovina will take us north to Banja Luka, and then back south to some interesting destinations in nature. All the way, fall was in full swing. After a short stay in the city the journey took us back into nature, Lake Balkana and the forests of northern Bosnia and Herzegovina, to be more exact. I hope you will enjoy this final post of images from the fall in Bosnia travel series.

This is part one of a three part road trip series:

North in Banja Luka

The stay in the city was short. I did not have time to explore Banja Luka, which is the second biggest city in Bosnia and Herzegovina, but a short nightly walk gave some interesting views. Fall was in full swing here as well. I do hope to come back and give the city some more time. I loved the leaf covered nightly streets. The night was cold but I think the images came out well.

Lost in the Woods

When on a road trip, getting lost can actually be a good thing. A short drive off the main road got me to this spot in the woods. Though we didn't get truly lost (we managed to find our way back in 10 minutes) i did enjoy the sights here. I would have never seen these corners any other way. The woods were really deep with the narrow street piercing through the greenery.

Lake Balkana

Balkana is an artificial lake located on the slopes of Lisina mountain. The lake, actually, consists of two separate, though connected basins with very small difference in water levels. Lake Balkana gets its waters from several mountain springs and two small mountain streams, Cjepalo and Skakavac, while its outflow is Crna Rijeka (Black River), which runs through Mrkonjic Grad from south to north, and joins the river Vrbas after 17 km (11 mi).

I think I couldn't have found a better place to show you as the last destination of this road trip. Everything I love about fall was in this one spot. The colors were so vibrant, with most of the leaves still on the trees. The lake gave beautiful reflections of the surrounding woods. A pathway leads you all the way around the lake.

 All in all, this road trip was pure fall heaven, with colors of the season, permeating all images. I hope you enjoyed it as well and that I could bring you the feeling of fall a bit closer...

The End


  1. totally stunning place to walk.. or ride or sit and stare. your night photos continue to astonish me.

  2. Wieder ein Tram, was du uns zeigst, wundervolle Bilder und Orte!!!
    Liebe Grüße

  3. Magnificent green lake, wonderful fall colors. You are the best.

  4. All of the colors of Fall, you have captured them beautifully.

  5. You really did wrap up this look at fall beautifully. Such a rainbow of colors and beautiful reflections.

  6. Beautiful fall images. Mersad--- and as always, you are the king of night shots!

  7. Totally breathtaking Mersad. Have a great week ahead

  8. Thanks for linking to Shadow Shot Sunday 2!

  9. Thanks for taking us along by your photos. Luv the Shadow Shot

    much love...

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