Monday, February 15, 2021

Rama Lake Drone Video [Through My Lens Nr. 278]

As I showed you in my previous post, last weekend my friends and I visited Rama Lake in Bosnia and Herzegovina. During our visit my drone was with me as well, and I made sure to capture a lot of aerial shots from the lake. There were many strange sights this time, because the water level was so low. In some angles it almost looks like alien terrain. But it was interesting nonetheless. I edited the shots in a small video which you can view below. I hope you will enjoy it. It was shot and edited in 4K, and is presented as such, so if you have a 4K TV you can link YouTube to your TV and play the video there. It will be much more impressive.

Thank you all for joining me in another week of "Through My Lens". I am looking forward to your submissions this week. I hope you will have a good one!    

Here is the video:

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  1. WOW! The video is brilliant Mersad. The scenery is amazing with the beautiful deep blue of the water and lovely clear blue sky. Also love all the reflections Well done and edited. Thanks for hosting, stay safe and have a great week ahead

  2. Drones have made overhead shots far more affordable in movies and commercials. Yours are quite well done, and this one is especially nice!

  3. Beautiful drone video! The lake water is really low. I hope there will be some snowfall to fill it up

  4. It's so still! Like glass! Amazing

  5. Stunning views, Awesome pics. Loved the video.

  6. Mersad, I love your drone videos. You put them together so well because you have a great photographer's eye. Thank you for making the effort to do this. I am thinking about getting a drone, but our landscape is not as impressive as yours.

    1. You'd be surprised. Everything looks better from the sky.

  7. Your drone videos are great. Thanks for sharing them. Thanks for hosting and I hope that you have a wonderful week.

  8. Love that glassy water. And the town looks so pretty from above.

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