Monday, September 19, 2022

Lawers Associate event [Through My Lens Nr. 355]

This past weekend our bar association celebrated 139 years of law practice in Bosnia and Herzegovina. This celebration event is being held every year (except the last two years because of the pandemic). The bar association decided to give my dad a special honor for his achievements in law practice posthumously. It was a moving event for my sister and I. So we spent the weekend in Neum for this and got to meet lots of new people as well and make new friends. We had a great weekend and the weather played along as well, even though you can feel the chill in the evening. I decided to share this special though corporate story and images here, even though I usually shy away from the work side of my life here. For next time, I will share on final summer story to close out the season.

Thank you all for joining me in another week of "Through My Lens". I am looking forward to your submissions this week. I hope you will have a good one!

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  1. It's good that they honored him! I can only guess how proud it would be of the both of you.

  2. How wonderful that your father should receive this award and that you and your sister could be there. Thanks for sharing. A lovely night image Mersad. Thanks for hosting and I hope you have a good week ahead.

  3. How wonderful that your father was honoured in such a way.

  4. You have captured the people's shots very well. Like a fun journal to look through

  5. Fabulous - Congratulations for the honor - and so cool that you could be there

  6. How wonderful that your father received recognition and honor, Mersad, and that you and your sister were able to remember all his accomplishments that day.

    1. We later found out that this was the first time the bar association honored someone posthumously.

  7. A fine looking ceremony honoring your Dad. How fine the Bar association could do that.

  8. Congratulations to your father, Great post and photos. Greetings

  9. Mersad, Thanks for sharing this special day!

  10. How wonderful for the association to honour your father in this way. I'm sure you and your sister are very proud of him.

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