Monday, September 26, 2022

Summer's End in Lumbarda: A Day at the Beach [Through My Lens Nr. 356]

Lumbarda is a small fishermen's village located on the eastern end of the Island of Korcula, few kilometres away from the same named town of Korcula, in Croatia. A road passing through a picturesque area of pine woods and olive groves connects these two places. The village is surrounded by sandy vineyards.  Sandy beaches like Vela Przina, Bilin Zal and Tatinja are among the most popular in the area. The village is also a tourist center. Most of its 1200 inhabitants are wine-growers, fishermen and stone-masons, actively participating in the local tourist industry. It also has a rich history preserved in written documents dating back to more than two thousand years ago, from the Greek times. For one last summer getaway we visited this wonderful place at the beginning of September.

Thank you all for joining me in another week of "Through My Lens". I am looking forward to your submissions this week. I hope you will have a good one!

Beni visited Lumbarda with us. He doesn't like the sea very much, but loved roaming the surroundings and pathways. Mak had a better time at the beach. This is Vela Przina beach on the southern side of the island. Even though there were clouds in the sky it didn't hinder us from enjoying the day. The water was still warm so we spent a relaxing afternoon there.

Vela Przina is the largest and best-known sandy beach in Lumbarda and one of the most popular on the whole Korcula Island and beyond. Facing the south, this beach is one of the sunniest and driest places on the Island too. The eastern end of the half-kilometer-long sandy beach is the quietest while the west end is popular with families and visitors. The beach overlooks the Lastovo Channel and offers unrestricted views over the sea and horizon.
The beach is also well visited out of swimming season by people
who come here for a stroll and to observe the waves that can be pretty large around here on windy days.

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  1. Great memories to see you through the winter months.

  2. Oh my, Mersad, the little guy is getting bigger all the time-- and I see a bit of his Uncle in that last shot. Best wishes and hugs from me!

  3. Beautiful capture of family life at a beach. The rent a ski sign is like a farmer selling its own produce. Very funny. Beautiful coastline photos too.

  4. Everyone had a good day at the beach including Beni. Mak is a seriously cute young man.

  5. It looks like mak had a wonderful time at the beach with his family--Beni too!

  6. ah summer - enjoy the rest of your summer. I am enjoying spring right now. Beautiful sunny days - perfect for getting out and about.

  7. Mark is adorable, and most little ones love the beach! Older ones, too.



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