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Atlantic City: Glitz, Games, and Seaside Charm

After three days in Philadelphia we moved on towards Atlantic City, which was our next destination in our Mid Atlantic road trip. We visited Las Vegas back in 2015, so I thought I knew what to expect from Atlantic City, which is more of the same, but it actually turned out not to be true. The city is on the coast of the Atlantic Ocean and this gives you an immediate feeling of openness. The boardwalk and beach are a welcome break from the shopping and gambling that the city offers. I am not that much into gambling, but nonetheless seeing the lights of the casinos, decorations and luxury of some of the hotels didn't leave me unfazed.

This post is part of a multi-part travel series from our Mid-Atlantic USA Road trip
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Stay at the Borgata

Our stay at the Borgata in Atlantic City was nothing short of a luxurious escape. From the moment we entered the grand lobby, we were greeted by an atmosphere of sophistication and indulgence. The room, with its modern decor and breathtaking views of the city and ocean, provided a comfortable retreat after a day of exploring and shopping at the Tanger Outlets. The Borgata is located a bit of field from the city centre, but it is a very luxurious place and offers you everything that you need for your stay in the city. Of course, we didn't splurge match on accommodation during a road trip, but we knew from the beginning that we wanted to have a luxurious hotel for Atlantic City.We even managed to use the spa an indoor pool of the hotel, which is simply breathtaking and beautiful. I highly recommend this hotel for your stay in Atlantic City.

The Atlantic City Boardwalk

One of the main attractions of the city besides, the hotels and casinos is the boardwalk. We made several walks along the boardwalk and enjoyed our time there. I will have to say, though that it's not a place that I would visit at night. At least during our stay with we saw a few sketchy people there so I can imagine that it's not a completely safe place at night. During the day, however you can enjoy the views of the beach and there are a lot of hotels restaurants and Cafes right next to where are you walk. You will also be able to find many souvenir shops here.

Casinos of Atlantic City

Atlantic City's skyline is adorned with the neon glow of its renowned casinos, forming the beating heart of this seaside entertainment hub. The vibrant casino scene offers an electrifying fusion of glamour, gaming, and nightlife. From the iconic Boardwalk establishments to the sleek resorts lining the shore, each casino exudes its own unique charm. Beyond gaming, the casinos host world-class entertainment, upscale dining, and chic lounges, creating an all-encompassing experience for those seeking both high-stakes thrills and sophisticated leisure. We did enjoy some slots and roulette tables, as well as cozy bars at the Borgata. The casinos of Atlantic City stand as beacons of entertainment, drawing visitors from far and wide to indulge in the city's dynamic and exhilarating atmosphere. As I said, I'm not much of a gambler, but even I have to admit that the casinos can be fun, if nothing else then for people watching! We enjoyed the Ceaser's Hotel and Casino, Bally's and Ocean Casino Resort a lot too.

Sunset in Atlantic City

As the sun dipped below the horizon, casting hues of warm orange and pink across the  Atlantic City sky, the beach became a canvas for nature's masterpiece. The sun's descent seemed to slow time, allowing a moment of reflection and appreciation for the simple beauty of a sunset on the Atlantic City beach, which for us at least, was a fleeting yet unforgettable experience.

End of Part Two

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  1. Stunning photos. I love the little squirrel :-D

  2. I'm not a gambler either but I would like a trip to Atlantic City to check out the casinos, the beach and everything else there is to see.



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