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New York City: Our First Day in the Big Apple

After twelve days of road tripping through the picturesque Mid-Atlantic, our adventure reached its crescendo as we rolled into the bustling metropolis of New York City. The transition from scenic highways to urban thoroughfares was nothing short of exhilarating, and our first day in the Big Apple was a whirlwind of traffic woes, city lights, and holiday magic. Let's explore some Christmas sights from NYC while we still have some winter.

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Navigating the Urban Jungle

Our journey from Hershey to New York City was marked by anticipation and a touch of traffic-induced chaos. As we approached the city that never sleeps, the roads became increasingly congested, and our excitement heightened. However, the initial hiccup came as we navigated through the labyrinth of traffic while returning our trusty road trip companion – the rental car. The drive to JFK Airport took us almost two hours from the city.

Settling into the City Rhythm

Despite the initial urban commotion, the moment we stepped out of the car, the energy of New York City enveloped us. We settled into our accommodation, a apartment in Jersey City. Soon the sounds of the city outside provided the perfect symphony to our urban adventure. The city lights began to twinkle as dusk settled in, setting the stage for an unforgettable evening of exploration and return to a familiar place.

Eager to immerse ourselves in the iconic sights, we wasted no time and headed straight to the pulsating heart of Manhattan – Times Square. Contrary to its nocturnal fame, we experienced the square bathed in daylight glory. The bustling energy, giant electronic billboards, and the myriad of colors were a sensory overload that perfectly encapsulated the essence of New York.

Exploring Midtown Marvels

Our journey continued as we explored the vibrant streets surrounding Times Square. The towering skyscrapers, adorned with festive decorations, created a stunning backdrop for our urban escapade. We found ourselves captivated by the grandeur of Rockefeller Center, a true symbol of New York's architectural splendor.

Rockefeller Center Extravaganza

Our next stop was the famed Rockefeller Center, where the atmosphere was charged with holiday cheer. The iconic ice rink, surrounded by golden Prometheus statues, showcased the epitome of winter magic. We were amazed at the towering Christmas tree, adorned with thousands of sparkling lights, a symbol of hope and celebration that left us in awe. It was one of the most iconic sights of the city. Since we explored at dusk the crowds were still manageable, and I managed to get at the top of the stairs to get a perfect shot of the tree.

The Christmas-Colored City

As nightfall draped the city, the streets transformed into a canvas of Christmas colors. The cityscape glowed with twinkling lights, and the festive decorations adorned every corner. The magical ambiance of New York during the holiday season was a spectacle, and we found ourselves swept away by the enchantment of the city. There are huge crowds in the city though and I would advise to visit most of the places before the night sets in and not during the weekend.

Our first day in New York City was a tapestry of traffic tribulations, urban exploration, and holiday enchantment. From the chaos of Times Square to the serenity of Rockefeller Center, every moment resonated with the unique rhythm of the city. As we retreated to our apartment that night, the memories of our road trip through the Mid-Atlantic seamlessly melded into the vibrant experiences of the Big Apple, leaving us eager to unravel more layers of this dynamic city in the days to come.

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  1. Laura's from NYC, I'm from San Francisco--- yet we've lived in a tiny town in SW Washington for over 35 years. I wish I could go back to the cities as they were just a few decades ago. Oh well-- I guess I'll stay here and look at your pictures.

  2. Love seeing the big city at Christmas!

  3. Terrific photos of NYC. You mentioned the digital billboards at Time Square. A number of them are made in my small South Dakota home town by a company called Daktronics.

  4. NY looks fabulous at Christmas and your night photography is superb Mersad. Thanks for hosting and commenting and I hope you have a great wek ahead

  5. Wonderful photos that brought back memories to meI was fortunate to live most of my life in NYC and attend the tree lighting and festivities at Rockefeller Center! It was always very crowded, but so magical!

  6. Very pretty tour - love what Dior is doing. Gorgeous.

  7. Beautiful new york scenes

  8. My sister lived there for about 5 years, I've heard Christmas there is always a big affair.

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