Monday, September 6, 2010


  1. Hi Mersad thanks for visiting my blog and commenting on my hand tinting post. Let me know how you get on maybe we could exchange suggestions as this was the first time I have done this. Kev

  2. I'm really starting out at it. Doing a layer per color. I will let you know if i find a good technique.

  3. Mmmm, hand tinting sounds interesting. I was reading the comments.

    Looks like you had a nice stroll on a country lane.

  4. So far i have used one layer per color. Then I use the Overlay mode and lower the opacity. It has given me some nice results so far. But it's a very tedious process nonetheless.

  5. Looks like a road well-taken. Always waiting to see what's behind the bend.

  6. ooo nice :) full of character and quiet.


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