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Celebrating New Year's Eve in Split

I hope everyone had a great New Years celebration and came well into 2015. We celebrated New Year's Eve in Split, Croatia, where we also spent a couple of days during the holidays. I already posted some preview mobile phone images in my last post, but from now on the real travel series will start.

I'm not numbering the parts like usual, since I will bring you so many different themed posts from Split, that each one will hold as their own seperate piece. We visited the old city, spent some lovely luxurious days in the Radisson Blu Resort in Split, visited Game of Thrones shooting locations (which I'm really excided about), and also saw some wonderful winter beaches and sea.

So all that is coming up in the posts that will follow, but for this one I will be sharing some images from the New Year's Eve celebration.

Our Travel to Split is made up of multiple parts. Other parts include:
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Part Four: Visiting the Seaside Promenade
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Windy Days

The evening started somewhat late for us, as we strolled down to the Riva which is the walking lane along the Adriatic sea in Split. The reason for that was, the very windy and cold day that preceded the evening. But luckily, as the new year approached, the winds calmed down and we could enjoy the evening. In the distance of the next shot you will see the glowing colors of the celebration, that was already in full swing as we arrived.

Celebrating on the Riva

The Split Riva was transformed into a glowing and colorful festival, with a huge stage at on side of it, and many people in front of it. The buildings were lit in many colors and small fireworks were already set off during the night, creating piercing spectacles in the black sky. We spend the countdown here, and as midnight approached a huge firework was set off.

The smoke from the fireworks in the distance, colored the sky into pale colors of the spotlights that lit the surrounding buildings. All along the Riva, huge palm trees gave a special feeling to the celebration.

A private celebration, from which I only caught colorful balloons that hung from the ceiling, was being held in one of the buildings along the walking lane. They must have had a great sight of the celebration and fireworks.

Into the Night

As the evening progressed we departed from the walking lane and started exploring the old town of Split at night. In this next shot you will get a sense of the scope of the celebration, with the stage on the far end of it. Bakeries and little shops were open along the lane, providing people with food and drinks.

The Old Town of Split

Next up I will show you some images from the old town. Split was filled with people for this event, and the inner streets of the old town were beautifully lit, as most of them took a stroll, half an hour after midnight.

Another private celebration in a restaurant. I love the glowing lights coming from the inside. As the night progressed, it became colder, and we finally made our way back to our hotel to get a rest.

I hope you enjoyed our New Year's Eve Celebration images from Split.
How did you celebrate the New Year?


  1. Hello Mersad, Happy New Year to you and your family.. I enjoyed this post on your visit to Split. The city looks very festive and a fun place to be for the holidays. Beautiful photos! Enjoy your day and the week ahead!

  2. It all looks fabulous, Mersad. I could feel the atmosphere of the place just by looking at your photos.

  3. you know how much I love your night photos and these are ALL fantastic.. I love the palm tree with smoky pastel colors and the decorated street scenes, the balloons in the window are just beautiful, Art is what it is.

  4. Great images, so festive; your nocturnal photos are impeccable.

  5. Wunderschöne Eindrücke, du hast manche Bilder so gut erwischt, Meine Lieblinge sind von oben: das 3., dann das 7. finde ich ganz fantastisch und das 9. mit den Luftballons genial!!!!
    Liebe Grüße

  6. Wow what a tour. I'd love to see it someday! Great captures.

  7. Fabulous pictures! Wishing you a healthy, happy New Year!

  8. The balloon photo is very artistic and a great capture. Your night photography is superb!

  9. beautiful night shots and decorations. loved the balloon shot, too. :)

  10. I, too, love your night shots and the decorations!! Terrific, colorful captures! Thanks for sharing the fun, Mersad!! Hope your New Year is off to a great start!! Looking forward to your pics for the coming year!!

  11. I love your night shots! Do you use a tripod, or just turn up your ISO?

    1. For night photography I use both methods, It just depends on the situation. Here I used a higher ISO, because I couldn't bring my tripod with me to the celebration.

  12. HI Mersad You have captured the atmosphere of the city and the festivities through your lens. I wish you and your family a blessed 2015

  13. What beautiful images, reflecting a very festive mood!
    So good to know that a safe time was had by all.
    Happy New Year again, and looking forward to more from your trip,

  14. You celebrated the new year with a lot of fun and joy, that is perfect ! You have such a lovely couple ; you looks perfect together. I wish you the best for 2015, and I hope I will discover much more of your reflection this year. ^^

  15. I haven't gone out to celebrate New Year's in decades, but this looked like quite a lot of fun! The town was decorated beautifully! Loved the peeks through the windows--LOL! :)

  16. Looks like a beautiful way to ring in the new year!
    Happy 2015!

  17. Wonderful night city shots. All the great colors and festive lights are lovely.

  18. What a beautiful place to spend the new year celebration in! Lovely lights! I especially love the window with balloons. :-)

  19. Oh wow! The decorations and lights look lovely.

  20. Lovely captures. The window with the balloons is really cool:-)

  21. You take us on the most amazing trips with the most amazing sites. Your night photography is great.

  22. Ja, mir hat es gefallen. Schöne Aufnahmen hast du mitgebracht, und wie man sehen kann auch toll gefeiert.

    Liebe Grüsse


  23. I saw Split in the summer. It looks much finer dressed for the holidays.

  24. I see allot of festivity and happy looking people, looks like a fun place to be for New Year celebrations!

  25. Lovely images... nice job on capturing them.

  26. What a lovely New Year’s Eve you spent, Mersad! The illuminations and decorations are elegant and refined reflecting the festive mood for the promise of the new year. Your photos are fabulous. Wish you a healthy and prosperous year.


  27. Now that really would tempt me out at New Year.

  28. The town looks so beautifully decorated.

  29. I'm back from my little break, and Happy New Year to you Mersad. What a festive tour you took us on. Your photography only gets Better!!

  30. Happy New Year, Mersad. You rang in the new year in a beautiful location. The photo with the window and the balloons is so lovely and evocative of a private party - my favorite. All the lights and people in the streets are wonderful. We spent the evening quietly, with friends.

  31. What a festive time! great images. Tom The Backroads Traveller

  32. Happy New Year, Mersad. What beautiful photos of this pretty town, alight with the atmosphere of a new year. I especially loved the pic of the colorful balloons framed by the window; adorably intriguing and jolly!


  33. Everything looks so charming on the NYE! Seems like you has an amazing NYE! I had also attended an outdoor party at one of the prettiest party venues Houston TX. It was a wonderful evening!


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