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Visiting Coeur D'Alene in Idaho [17/18]

My mom and I pretty much stayed in Richland, during my two weeks there, but we did make two trips together. One to the mountain town Coeur D'Alene in Idaho, and we visited Seattle towards the end of our stay in the USA. In this post I want to share our stay in Idaho. We had a wonderful (though monotone) car drive from Richland to Coeur D'Alene. We crossed through Spokane, and eventually entered into Idaho. It was my first time visiting this state. It marked the 16th US State that I had visited, and Coeur D'Alene was a perfect little bite. Come join us.

We arrived into town in the afternoon. The drive to Coeur D'Alene from Richland takes you first through the desert and wast spaces until, towards the end of your trip, mountains start to appear before you. Only a few miles after you cross the "Weclome to Idaho" sign you will find a right turn, directly into town. We booked our stay in the Springhill Suites by Marriott, which is a really great hotel. After we unpacked we immediately went to the historic town center.

The city is named after the Coeur d'Alene People, a tribe of Native Americans who lived along the rivers and lakes of the region. They were first encountered by French fur traders in the late 18th and early 19th century, who referred to them as Cœur d'Alêne, meaning "heart of an awl", reflecting their experience of the tribal traders as tough businessmen, "sharp-hearted" or "shrewd". It's a very charming place, and just a quick walk through the center is all you need to realize that.

Snow blankets the mountains around Coeur d’Alene during winter (though we visited in spring), turning the area into a place to play. At Schweitzer Mountain Resort, 72 kilometers to the north, the skiing overlooks Lake Pend Oreille. Silver Mountain Resort, 96 kilometers east and near the Bavarian-style town of Kellogg, also features the state’s biggest indoor waterpark.

In terms of cuisine, Huckleberry is like currency in north Idaho. Sample the tiny purple berry in the triple berry crepes and pecan rolls at Jimmy’s Down the Street. Wash it down with Huckleberry Ale at River City Brewing in nearby Spokane, Washington. Numerous hotels sit along the lakeshore. The Coeur d’Alene Resort features a floating restaurant and fabulous views from its towers overlooking the lake. Another notable option is the Greenbriar Inn, a bed-and-breakfast filled with antiques three blocks from downtown Coeur d’Alene.

The city is situated on the north shore of Lake Coeur d'Alene, 25 miles (40 km) in length. Locally, Coeur d'Alene is known as the "Lake City". The lake is indeed very beautiful and one morning my mom and I made the trip further out and into nature, where hiking trails lead into a small forest. There are many places along the lake where you can take a swim, but on this day in mid-April it wasn't warm yet. In fact, snow was still on the surrounding mountain tops.

We loved our stay here. It was very relacing without much hustle. The crowds were far away, though in the summer this town is packed! Defined by blue skies, sparkling water and forested mountains, visitors to the Coeur d’Alene region find a place of intriguing contrasts: five-star amenities in a rugged setting, quiet getaways, exciting attractions, and four-season beauty and recreation. Attractions such as lake cruises and a visit to Silverwood Theme Park along with activities such as teeing up at a championship golf course or shopping for antiques and art downtown show why Coeur d’Alene is known as the playground of the Pacific Northwest.

The next post concludes my big Pacific Northwest travel series. My mom and I venture back to Seattle, where our trip started one month earlier. Look forward to the big finale in the next post.

End of Part Seventeen
To be continued...


  1. I thought your mom was your sister at first! We were there about 15 years ago. It's a nice place.

  2. your mom is beautiful and so is this place I did not know existed. the Native American or the town by that name. first time I have ever heard it... I can see where your sister gets her beauty...

  3. Ah you even found the photographer statue! I blogged about it several years ago.

  4. The scenery looks amazing.

  5. Beautiful pix of Couer d’Alene. We grew up on the border of Northern Idaho (in Eastern Washington, way east of Richland) and CD’ used to be just another little Idaho village back has completely changed in the ensuing years (we like it better now)!

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  7. Hello, you Mom is very pretty. Wonderful tour and photos from your visit to Idaho. Happy Thursday, enjoy your day!



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