Saturday, February 13, 2010

Winter Madness


click on the image for the full view

My dog Beni and I went out for a walk today. We are snowed in and he had a tough and fun time breaking through the snow.


  1. Wow. Lovely photo. What a nice bit of red against the white.

  2. I agree with Lly. Looks like your dog had fun! :)

  3. Hey thanks! He had a lot of fun. I didn't when i had to clean him up afterwards :)

  4. That pop of red is just perfect.

    Advantage: Cleaning up after a small dog is much easier than a large dog! I am so glad I have a small dog now...although I miss my large dog.

  5. Thanks. You know, cleaning up is not that hard but since his feet are so small his belly always touches the grass and ground. Also in winter the snow sticks to his paws...

  6. How cute! I love his red coat.
    Sunny :)

  7. Very sweet! Beautifully framed and great control over the exposure. Nice!



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